Unexpectedly Lucky @ McD Greenlane

It was just another usual day which I was not expecting any supprise as I was not testing out any new food or did a spot check on any restaurants. Nevertheless, I was having my dinner at Mc Donald’s in Greenlane. Usually, when visiting such places I will not take my camara along. Only my wallet and mobile phone will be my portables. But the unexpected always gives me surprise and this time is unexpectedly lucky.

A normal order of Big Mac as my dinner.

Looks like just any regular Big Mac.

Check this out is semi Mega + Big Mac. Instead of 2 pieces of meat, I get 3 pieces. I think the kitchen attendent was confused of Big Mac and Mega Mac.

Moreover I got a free Jasmine Green Tea during this promotion period.

The best part, an extraordinary big fly landed on top of filet-o-fish poster and this is priceless.


7 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Lucky @ McD Greenlane”

  1. Wow, such a BIG BIG Mac you have for your dinner. So, you must be lucky for the day…

  2. Maybe that fly is partially blind or else it won’t take the fillet-O-fish poster as the real thing. You are lucky to be there to capture it!

  3. Ethan Wong, I need to work out extra to burn off the BIG BIG MAC

    Slowcatchupkuan, you must be kidding. The attendant is guy, unless he is gay.

    CK Lam, I think that fly is very hungry.

  4. bb community, no ah. I think is because my Bukit Tinggi post that make the loading slow. I have summarised it dee, can you check and see now.

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