Toh Soon Cafe, Campbell Street – Famous Penang Roti Bakar & Kopi

Penang is always famous with its food. Many Penangites are very proud to introduce the streets or hawker food to the world. If the street food in Penang would rank no. 2 in terms of varieties and taste, no other countries or states would dare to rank itself no.1.


As Penangites we surely know how to pick for the best street food. This is because there are many varieties and choices available. The taste of food for that stall will surely be assured if there are a lot of Penangites willing to queue up for the food. This is especially the case if that place is always frequented by celebrity politicians like our Penang Chief Minister, YB Lim Guan Eng.


It is not hard to locate Toh Soon Cafe. If you are driving via Hutton Lane towards Campbell Street, you will cross the traffic light junction of Penang Road. Drive straight and just after the traffic light, look to you left and you will see Toh Soon Cafe is just around the corner. Although the coffee shop is located at the back lanes, it never failed to stop the crowd from streaming in to the simple coffee shop regardless of weekends or weekdays.


Toh Soon Cafe is an icon of Penang classical coffee shop. It has been up and standing since decades and yet it is still so popular until today. You can feel so from the way the eggs were placed inside a wired basket and hung above the charcoal oven. This brings back the nostalgic feel of olden Penang.


A set of toast with 2 half boiled eggs and a cup of hot kopi-O (Coffee without Milk) – RM3.80. This is the set of classical breakfast or tea time for most Penangites since decades until now. The same set that brings back my old memories when I was accompanying my grandfather at the coffee shop.



The aroma of Hainanese coffee which surrounded the ambiance made people felt energized and alert.


The toast from the charcoal oven gave the maximum crispiness out of it. The best way to enjoy the toast is to spread it with kaya (coconut milk + egg paste) and butter which makes the perfect combination.


The half boiled eggs were served together with soy sauce and pepper powder, which is also the perfect way of serving. For me, I love to dip my toast into the half boiled egg as I love the semi-soggy texture of the toast.


Overall this place serves great classical breakfast and tea time. The price of the food and drinks here are very affordable. This place is also patronized by most Penangites. However, it is very hard to find parking here as the public parking lots are very limited. During peak time, the waiting time can be from 15 to 20 mins for the food and the waiters and waitress will tend to be more busy and ignorant to the customers.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available (Penang Free WIFI)

Operation hours: 8am – 6pm, (Close on Sunday)
Contact: 04-261 3754
Address: Campbell Street, Off Penang Road, George Town, 10100 Penang
GPS: 5° 25′ 08.40″ N, 100° 19′ 54.62″ E


5 thoughts on “Toh Soon Cafe, Campbell Street – Famous Penang Roti Bakar & Kopi”

  1. Never been to this place before… heard their food is good but the place….. i’ve seen some cat poo around the area, no thanks for me :p

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  3. Do not go as the owner is very very rude. I was simply ask him if I should place my order with him or should I seat and wait for them to serve me.
    He simply snap and say some very rude stuff.

  4. Toh choon is a damn dirty place to patron with rats n cats around.but worst of all the rude service by staffs n especially the lady boss!! waited for sometime n asked her politely n she told me if can’t wait can get lost!! enough of it n will never ever visit it of rudeness n filthy dirty place with big rats running around,should considered second line clear nasi kandar recently been hauled up for dirtiness.

  5. Hi Richard, I do agree that their service is bad. May be due to they are too famous and too popular already that why they are not in a good mood.

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