Sushi King, Penang – A New Menu on “Curry with A Kick”

For Malaysians, spiciness has always been the greatest enjoyment and satisfaction during dining. For a typical Malaysian, the usual Japanese curry is not classified as curry as there is no spiciness in it. It is almost known as sweet curry with a tiny hint of spices only.


Understanding the needs of local taste-buds, Sushi King has come out with a series of curry dishes that have been added with a ‘kick’. This time the curry comes in different level of spiciness where customers get to choose themselves.


Themed “Curry with a Kick!”, the limited-time only menu features various authentic Japanese fare – uniquely Japanese food merged with a spicy twist and mouthwatering flavours that ‘foodies’ and ‘curry-lovers’ can eagerly look forward to. With the unveiling of Sushi King’s limited-time Japanese curry menu, this “Japanese Curry Promotion” has up to 11 exceptional dishes to offer, each dish is distinctively extraordinary in their own way to be enjoyed starting from 1 April 2017 till 30 June 2017.

Spiciness level of the curry are classified as Level 1 – 3:

  • Level 1 – Tomato Curry
  • Level 2 – Curry
  • Level 3 – Spicy Curry


Chicken Katsu – RM15.90, deep-fried breaded chicken with long beans, rice and curry.


The crunchiness of the breaded chicken katsu served with the selection of level 1 curry. The curry was cooked with tomato and onion while the spiciness level is mild. This curry tasted like the typical tomato curry on the rest of the menu.


Grilled Cheese Curry – RM13.90, deep-fried chicken with long beans, rice, cheese and curry.


There is something unique about the combination of curry and cheese, and while serving together with deep fried chicken, the taste turned out to be surprisingly great. Serving with this dish was Level 2 curry which made this dish even more exciting with a pack of spiciness.


Yakiniku – RM15.90, grilled beef and long beans with rice and curry.


The beef slices with onions were grilled till fragrant and served with the option of level 3 curry. You could not feel the spiciness the first moment it entered your mouth. The spiciness only started to “kick in” when it passed through your throat.  The tenderness of the beef was great but the portion was too little.


Seafood Fried – 15.90, Deep-fried fish, prawns and long beans with rice and curry.


The curry seems to go well with these deep fried seafood as well. The spiciness of the curry complemented very well with the crunchiness of the seafood.


Curry Kiryu Udon – RM13.90, a special type of udon cooked in hot pot with curry, carrots, spring onions and tempuras.


This is one of my favorites. The udon is unlike the classic udon, instead it was flat and broad, similar to our local flat-type pan mee. Serving together was the spicy curry soup with crunchy tempura. This is a unique and delicious dish.


Agedashi Beef Curry – RM18.90, fried beancurd with beef slices, mushrooms and cheese in curry.


This dish is served in hot pan and curry with soft and silky beef slices and bean curds. This is another great curry dish offered by Sushi King.


If you couldn’t get enough of curry, Sushi King offers Curry Flavored Sushi as well:

  • Aburi Curry Tamago – RM3
  • Curry Tori Katsu Gunkan – RM4
  • Curryfornia Roll – RM5
  • Curry Ebi Fry Nigiri – RM6


To end our curry-licious meal, we had Sweet Delights – RM4.90 which is a flavored ice cream topped with crispy waffles and based with doughnut. This is something great for those with a sweet tooth.


Overall, Sushi King has made a great “kick” start by introducing a new range of Japanese curry dishes with a “kick” to accommodate different needs. One of my favorites here is the Curry Kiryu Udon. This is something special and tasty.

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