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The Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese.  The festival is held on the 15th of the eight month according to lunar calendar. In order to complete the celebration, people often light up lanterns and also enjoy some moon cakes. I remember when I was young I used to follow my parents around just to sort out different brands of moon cake as different manufacturers will have their own signature moon cakes. However, now life has been made easier when everything is online. You can order from different varieties and manufacturers of moon cake with just a few clicks away.


Sunshine Square used to be a local department stall in Penang and now their supermarket is online on the cyberspace. With just a few clicks away you can add your shopping items to your online shopping cart and check your post code for delivery coverage, then finally prepare your payment for check out. In conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival and the launching of Sunshine Online portal, readers of Steven Goh will get to enjoy the FREE delivery with the purchase of RM80 and above to your doorstep. Just key-in “STVREBATE10” at the promotion code column and you will get the great deal.


For those who are looking for moon cakes, there are a few brands that I would like to highlight:

Leong Yin Pastry (梁贤)


Lunar Delight – RM17.50. White Coffee Paste with Pure Durian Paste. So far this is my favorite for this year. The outer and the second layer of the moon cake was made of white coffee which tasted slightly bitter while the inner part of the paste was made of pure durian which had strong aroma and tasted sweet. The combination gave an excellent bitter sweet symphony.



Ballad of the Moon – RM17.20. Custard Paste with Salted Egg Custard Paste. Besides the lunar delight, my second nomination goes to Ballad of the Moon, the custard paste tasted so nice where it is more toward sweet while the salted egg custard paste balanced it up with some saltiness. It was another great combination.


Intense Wheatgrass Jujube Splendor – RM17.20. Red Dates with Wheatgrass Paste. The aroma of red dates and the wheatgrass blended very well. It gave a green and back-t0-nature feel.


Tai Thong Moon Cake (大同)


Honey Grapefruit & Mixed Nuts – RM16.50, Refreshing honey grapefruit paste is perfectly paired with dried fruits, winter melon, almonds and sesame seeds. This is one of the moon cakes in the market which is made without adding sugar.


Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk – RM16.50, A novel blend of dragon fruit, aromatic coconut and salted egg yolk, this divine creation is a fruity sensation.



Oversea Moon Cake (海外天)

Noble Delight – RM16.50, one of the signature of moon cakes by Oversea. The moon cake is creatively made from dragon fruit and it is then blended with lotus paste creating a deep purplish red lotus paste which looks vibrant and appealing.


Golden Starlight – RM16.50, this is the first double filled moon cake in Malaysia and the taste of the distinct layers of fillings is simply a wonderful experience as well as a feast to the eyes.


Golden Bliss (麦可思)


Blueberry Opus – RM16.80, the crust is made of golden aromatic french moon cake skin. The blueberry is mixed with white lotus paste and it is sugar-free. The inner paste is smooth yogurt mung bean filling.


Low Sugar White Lotus 1 yolk – RM17.20, the classical type of moon cake. This moon cake is the grandfather of all the various flavors available in the market. The difference is that it is available in low sugar series that cater for health-conscious people.


Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncakes (香港美心月饼)

mei-xin mooncake

Mix Nuts Mooncake – RM130 per box. The is the imported mooncake from Hong Kong. The flavor of the mixed nuts was so nice and packed with aroma. The drawback is the pricing of the mooncake is on the higher side.


Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 yolks – RM125 per box. The mooncake with double yolk series is also one of the exclusive types.



Fai Fong Gifts & Bakery (惠芳)


Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame – RM15.00,  the outer layer of the mooncake is made from bamboo charcoal while the second layer is white lotus, the most inner portion is the black sesame. The taste was unique and the aroma of sesame was very strong.


Overall, Sunshine Online is the convenient way to buy groceries or mooncake online. For those that prefer to stay put at home instead of shopping in the crowd, this is the best option. Remember to key-in “STVREBATE10” at the promotion code column to get a special rebate for your online shopping.

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