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Talking about Penang Food, of course there are plentiful and all around every corner in island and also mainland of Penang. However if you are talking about getting good food during night time or weekend at Bayan Baru or Bayan Lepas, there are just only few handful.

Anyway, one of the excellent place for Chinese cuisine at Bayan Lepas is at Shanghai Ding House of Dumpling. This is one of the place that is affordable to dine in and the food here is delicious as well. This restaurant can be cater for 80 to 100 pax or 17 tables. There are no private room available at this place but there is private corner that segregated from the public instead. As for some people that wanted to work or having entertainment, there is free wifi provided as well.

Mini Egg Tarts (酥皮小蛋撻 – RM3.80+ for 3pcs). The mini egg tart is served in the amount of three. The serving is very diligent and delicious.

The sweetness of the inner tart is just nice. The texture is so soft and juicy, it really melt in your mouth. As for the crust, it is so crunchy and crispy. It is excellent when served hot from oven.

Fried Radish Cake with Seafood (海鮮炒蘿卜糕 – RM7.80+) When the radish is fried, it has added with dried prawn and dried squid. It is then served together with prawn, egg, preserved turnips,  spring onion, and based with baby romaine lattuce.

It tasted similar like “char koay kak” one of the famous Penang food. The fragrance of the pan fried and also the aroma of the dried prawn and squid really bring out the appetite to eat.

Stir Fry Broccoli with Scallops (西蘭花炒帶子 – RM15.80+) This is a simple dish that pan fried scallop,  prawn and broccoli, with the base cover with baby romaine lattuce and topped with spring onion.

Nothing very special about this dish, the usual household dish. Just that it tasted good.

Yunnan Rice Noodles with Grouper Fillet (雲南石斑魚米綫 – RM19.80+ for 2 pax). The base of the soup is prepare by fish, the soup is boiled in 7 to 8 hours. It is then mixed with grupah fish fillet, to remove the fishy smell ginger slices, wolf berries and spring onion are added to the soup. The thick rice noodle is imported from Yunnan.

The taste of the soup is slight sweet as it is cooked in long hour with fish and some rock sugar. It is not too thick and the taste is delightful. Another good thing about this soup is that there is no MSG added.

Prawn Ramen (老火上湯鮮蝦拉麵 – RM28.00+ for 2-3pax) The base of the soup is cooked with chicken and prawn, it is then added with herbs and rock sugar. The noodle itself is hand made noodle, upon completion it is added with wolf berries, baby romaine lettuce, bamboo pit, big prawn and with a touch of spring onion and fried garlic. The big prawn had been deep fried before served.

The taste of the soup is slight sweet base as it had been added with rock sugar. The taste of the herb is not overwhelming while the taste of the prawn freshness still there. This is one of my favorites.

Shanghai Dumpling(上海小籠包 – RM6.80+ for 4pcs or RM12.80+ for 8pcs). One of the signatures here will be the Shanghai dumpling.  The general idea is to dip the minced pork balls into pork ribs stock and freeze them. The next day, they are taken out to be individually wrapped into thin flour skin. The dumplings will be steamed to perfection and served in a steaming basket.

The correct way to eat this dumpling is that you need to bite the outer skin of the dumpling and let the soup flow into your mouth. Beware when you eat it as the the soup might be hot. The soup from the stock was thick and delicious while the meat was full of flavor. The dumpling made a great combination if it is served with ginger slices and dark vinegar.

Durian Pancake (榴蓮煎糕 – RM7.80+ for 2 pcs). The durian flesh was blended, topped with fresh cream and wrapped in a soft and smooth egg and pandan flavor flour coat.

For those that craving for durian even this is not durian season. This is one of the places in town that you can go for. The taste wise is acceptable. The only step that still need to be improve is the defroze time frame too short and it had been wrapped and place in the fridge rather then wrapped as on demand. This make the ingredient inside suffocate froze bite and lose of flavor.

Ginger Tea with Black Sesame Filled Glutinous Rice Ball (姜茶黑芝麻湯圓 – RM3.80+), The tang yuan (glutinous rice ball) tastes nice and soft outer layor while inner portion it is filled with grained sesame seed.

The soup tastes slight spiciness due to the ginger and it is sweet base. The size of the glutinous rice ball is not too big nor small. While the inner black sesame burst out once bite in your mouth. I just can’t stop recalling that nice moment.

Overall, this is one of the nice place to be for those that looking for food in Bayan Baru or Bayan Lepas. This place is family friendly and easy to find parking surrounding.  The food is nice and the price is reasonable.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-644 1644
Address: Block H, 4/G, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Bay, 11900, Penang
GPS: 5° 33′ 41.44″ N, 100° 30′ 71.18″ E

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