Senior Citizens Association, Penang – A Secluded Dining Experinece

If I were  to tell you to dine at old folks’ home, you would probably think that I am nuts. This was the first feeling when my friend asked me the same thing. But I was told that the dishes were quite nice. It was kinda cruel for a normal and healthy person to be served by senior citizens. The concept should be the other way round.

The location of this place is kind of secluded from the town area. To get to this place it will be easier to use Gottlieb Road. If you come from Penang Bridge direction you should see Penang Chinese Girls’ High School on you left and GoodAll Cafe on your right, then you are on the right place. Pull your signal to your right at the junction just beside the GoodAll Cafe and you will be at Jalan D.S. Ramanathan (Scott Road).

P/S: This place is closing down and moving to another place very soon. For those that haven’t tried this out, you have to make your move fast.

Moving further on your right hand side there will be a big football field, keep moving and slow down your vehicle and you will see the signboard written as “Persatuan Rakyat Berida P.Pinang”. Turn right into it and you have arrived at Senior Citizen’s Club.

You have to be very observant in order not to miss the signboard as it is almost hidden by the plants and trees.

The old bungalow which is the home for the old folks. As we walked into the cafeteria we were greeted by many old folks.  At that point of time I still couldn’t relate old folk’s home and good food together.

Moving to the back of the bungalow you will see a walk way with rows of table, which some of the customers had started their feast while some were still waiting.

There is even a small hut just beside the walk way which can cater for another 8 to 10 tables.

Even the cat was waiting for his food on the field.

For starters you can always try out this Roti Babi (Roti Ayam) – RM3.80. The name of this dish is due to the original ingredient used was pork but now they have substituted with chicken instead.

The main ingredients were chicken, crab meat and mixed bangkuang. These ingredients were stuffed inside the bread and were later dipped in  beaten eggs and flour mixture before going into the deep-fry wok.

The taste was crunchy with its succulent ingredients. It is always delicious to go with the Lea & Perrins sauce provided alongwith this dish.

Mee Sua Tau – RM5.00(S), RM10.00(M), RM15.00(L), a must-try when visiting this place. This dish was cooked with mee sua, chicken pieces, crab meat, eggs and mushrooms. The taste and texture was like shark’s fin soup but without the shark’s fin which is more humanity and wildlife-friendly. It tasted great when served together with black vinegar.

Fried Tang Hoon – RM3.80(S), RM9.00(M), RM12.00(L), another signature dish here. It was cooked with chicken, prawns, eggs and vegetables. The tang hoon was fried until with pan-fry aroma. Not too dry and very delicious indeed.

Chicken Chop – RM7.50 per serving, this is the only size available instead of a choice of S, M or L.

However, to me this is an L. The chicken chop was in full size and it was juicy and fresh served in oriental-style sauce. Most people will come here for their western food especially this oriental-style Chicken Chop. You should not miss this which is a favourite among the crowd.

Orange Juice – RM1.80 (Hot), RM1.80 (Cold). Fresh orange juice to chill your throat after your heavy meal.

Barley RM1.20 (Hot), RM1.20 (Cold), for those who are not a fan of orange juice, barley water is a good option. It is cooked in an authentic manner with the real barleys instead of using barley powder. You can still see the barleys at the bottom of the glass.

Nutmeg – RM1.20 (Hot), RM1.30 (Cold). The cooked nutmeg drink is a healthy and refreshing drink.

The other available meals which are also their signature dishes are listed as below:

Fish and Chips – RM8.00
Roast Chicken – (1/4) RM8.00 (1/2) RM15.00 (1) RM30.00
Chicken Inche Kabin – RM37.00
Preorder 1 day before, minimum 1 chicken.

After this meal, it was not that “cruel” after all. We were served by middle-aged ladies and not old folks from the home. Those who run this eatery is actually the food caterer of the association.

For a relaxing and out-of-town feel, this is the place that you must visit. As the food caterer is moving out from this association soon, it is even more crucial to visit this place before it is too late.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (Beer)
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00pm – 8:00pm (Tuesday – Friday); 12:00pm – 9:00pm (Saturday & Sunday); (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 04-226 0986
Address:7, Jalan D.S. Ramanathan, Penang.

30 thoughts on “Senior Citizens Association, Penang – A Secluded Dining Experinece”

  1. We’ll visit if they are still up and running in 3 weeks time. Very convenient also as it’s nearby our local base when in Penang. Any idea about the exact closing?
    (BTW, thanks for the mail. Digits are stored in my phone.)

  2. I passed by this place so often but didn’t know they serve food! I thought it was just an old folks’ home. Thanks for your post! I’ll bring my parents there some time. Any idea where they will be moving to?

  3. CH, you should go and try out before they moved. The owner only told me they are moving soon but no idea when and where. Hope you can manage to try out this out of town feeling before they move out.

  4. I went last Friday around 8pm but they were already closed at that time. I asked the lady about their moving, was told that they will only move end of the year to somewhere in Greenlane.

  5. hi all,

    can someone tell me their new address and contact?
    I love their food very much,yummy yummy
    million thanks

  6. They are now operating a branch among the hawker stalls at Lengkok Burma, Pulau Tikus, Penang. Only started recently and the dishes are still limited. Operating hour is from morning to 4 pm (Monday to Friday except public holidays).

  7. Thks for sharing.Went there last Wed.and the menu were limited to roti babi,mee sua tau,choon piah and roast chicken and the taste were exactly the same.
    For evening they were operating at the Pulau Tikus hawker center but without the Roast chicken.

  8. I tried calling the number on this site today..someone answered but not Senior Citizen restaurant anymore lah. Got new number?I only come back pg once in a while and always cannot find this place. Thanks

  9. Dear Steven,
    Do they open on Sat n can u provide the exact address? I’ m fr outstation n happen to be in Penang reading ur wonderful blog!

  10. Hey Steven! Where is the exact location of the new place? i saw your previous comments stating that it is at bangkok lane, and also P,.tikus market. I’m confused @.@, hope to hear from you soon. =D

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