Seafront Dining, Lebuh Sungai Pinang – Moving from The Sun Restaurant

For those that had followed my post previously, you will surely know that I patronized The Sun Restaurant on numerous occasions. The reason being that the restaurant had a cozy ambiance, served good food and price was reasonable. Just until recently, the phone number of the restaurant was not reachable and some of the regular customers of the previous The Sun Restaurant received an SMS saying that they have moved to a new place with a new name – Seafront Dining.

Seafront Dining is located on the row of new shop lots in Sungai Pinang. For those who know the way to Burger King in Jelutong, locating Seafront Dining should not be a problem to you. Seafront Restaurant is at the same row as Burger King but it is located at the other end. Keep driving towards the end of the shop houses and you will see the restaurant with a blue banner bearing the name of the restaurant “Seafront Dining”.

At the main entrance you will see a small oasis by the side of the building and there is also a winding staircase that will lead you to a private room.

The interior decoration and ambiance still remained the look and feel of the previous restaurant at The Sun. Even the staff had also moved to this new location.

Besides the main dining area, there is also another place for those who just prefer to have a drink and some light refreshments. There is also a private area upstairs which is inclusive of a smoking area.

Check out the menu provided, it is still using the same name @ the Sun.

The outdoor green corner with an ashtray for smokers.

Whereas inside the restaurant, the candlelight in the jars and marbles on the table are their trademark which were brought all the way from The Sun Restaurant.

The welcome drink as usual, the sparkling juice with a gingery/lemonade taste was served even before you start to order.

The usual preference for me to dine at this place is the Seafront Dining Set Dinner – RM42. This is a 5-course dinner set, the courses are below:


To start the dinner, Soup of The Day was served.

The soup of the day varies from day to day. The one that I had on that day was the cream of pumpkin soup. The soup was very creamy and smooth. The soup was served with a touch of herbs which made it more flavorful.


Spicy Top Shell Served with Mango Salsa Salad. There were 3 portions for the salad. The first portion was the vegetable portion consisted of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and some other veggie, it was then lightly covered with a mixture of orange cordial. The second portion was fruits with a mixture of mango cubes, tomato cubes and onions and topped with salsa sauce. The third portion was meat. The clam meat was marinated with some fruity sweet sauce and mixed with onions.

The taste of the salad was very unique and marvelous. The strong taste really gives good kick start for the rest of your meal.

Main Course:

Seared Salmon Lemongrass Cream Sauce, served with Boiled Potatoes & Vegetables. 

The salmon slice was pan-seared and then covered with lemongrass cream sauce, served together with boiled potato slices and vegetables. This dish never disappoints me and has always been my favorite. It was very delicious and promotes a healthier type of serving.

Grilled Lamb Loin Thyme Garlic Sauce, served with Mashed Potato & Vegetables

The grilled lamb here still tasted as good as before. The lamb was cooked till tender. A certain portion of lamb contained some layers of fat which made the texture more luscious. Served together with their unique brown sauce with thyme and garlic, it is nevertheless one of the most delectable dishes.

Grilled Rib-eye Tarragon Sauce, served with Mashed Potato & Vegetables

One of the ways for me to identify the standard of a restaurant is by trying out their steak. Usually I will try a bite without any sauce first and then only with the sauce. As for this restaurant, the sauce and the preparation method still remained the same as before but one thing which annoyed me a little was the tendon of the steak could still be felt just like from the days of @the Sun. I prefer a smoother bite than the chewy tendon.

Grilled Chicken Brown Garlic Sauce, served with Potato Wedges & Vegetables

The taste of the sauce was quite similar to the lamb and the steak. However, the taste of the meat blended very well with the sauce. Another great dish for chicken lovers.

BBQ chicken pizza

The pizza was topped with chicken slices and mushroom. It was then covered with generous amount of cheese and sprinkled with some herbs. The serving of the pizza was in big portion. One pizza can cater for almost 4 – 5 kids.


Cake of The Day, there are many options for you to choose from, depending on the stock they have for the day. The common one would be cheese cake. You get to choose the normal cheese cake or the mango cheese cake. For the normal cheese cake, it was soft and fluffy and tasted very light. The taste was simply delicious.

As for me, I prefer the Mango Cheese Cake. This is my favorite compared to the previous one. The cheesy level of the cake was the same as the previous cake but filled with mango slices and mango flavor. It was a divine cake that made my day.

Chocolate Mud Cake, a very rich and heavy type of cake. For chocolate lovers, this cake will satisfy your crave.  


Coffee/ Tea/ Ice lemon tea/ Ice peach tea, the taste of the coffee here used to be the best that I had tried and I had been told that the coffee beans were from Bon Cafe. I had been anticipating their coffee after my meal. However, the taste of the coffee was not as great as before. Partially, I think the temperature of the coffee was not hot enough to bring out the full aroma of the coffee.

Overall, the quality of the food still remains the same as @the Sun restaurant. They bring in almost everything from their previous restaurant including the chewy steak which I hope it can be improved. The only thing they left behind is the aromatic coffee that I used to love. But the ambiance is still very cozy and there are plentiful of parking space in front of the restaurant.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Close on Monday and Public Holidays)
Contact: 04-2819181
Address:3A Lebuh Sungai Penang 5,11600.
GPS: 5° 39′ 91.64″ N, 100° 33′ 10.84″ E

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