Santorini Cafe and Restaurant, Burmah Road – Hidden and Cozy Dining Place

All the while I thought I knew well enough of the dining locations at famous streets like Burmah Road, Macalister Road and etc. However, I was wrong as I just realized that there is still one hidden place which I had not discovered.

The name of this place is called Santorini. Santorini is actually a volcanic island located in the southern Aegean Sea. This place is very peaceful and quiet. The houses are built with low-lying cubical beside the slope. Although in Penang we can’t experience any Santorini buildings and culture, there is a place where you can get to taste some of the food from Santorini.

Santorini Cafe and Restaurant is located at Burmah Road just a few doors next to CTY Aquarium and also just next to Little Cottage restaurant.

Wall of fame, this wall is contributed by its satisfied customers after their visit to this restaurant.

The layout of the front dining area.

Besides that, there is also a tatami dining area for those who love a Japanese dining experience.

Santorini Drunken Mee Suah – RM6.90. For those looking for healthy food, this is the dish that you should order. The mee suah was cooked in starchy soup. The ingredients consisted of fish fillet, crab sticks, egg and sprinkled with spring onion.

The taste of the soup was very nice as it was cooked with rice wine and it was not salty at all. It is very suitable for those who can’t take hot and spicy food.

Santorini Butterine – RM7.90, the slices of mantis prawn were battered with other ingredients, then deep fried and later pan fried with capsicum cubes, onion slices and sweet and sour sauce. The dish was then topped with a sunny side up egg.

The taste of the mantis prawn was very rice and delicious. The sauce was sweet and sour which made the dish more appetizing. It was a nice dish.

Coffee Chicken Chop – RM13.90, this dish is a fusion western style. The batter had been mixed with some coffee powder and applied on to the chicken thigh before it was brought to the pan to be deep fried. It was placed on top of potato wedges, roman lettuce and pickled olive slices. It was then served together with some mayonnaise sauce.

The aroma of the coffee was very strong which made this signature dish very unique. The coffee taste blended very well with the chicken and was very appetizing.

Oat Fish Chop –RM12.90. The fish fillet was a catch of dory fish. The cooking style is similar to the one above, which was battered then deep fried. Upon completion, it was covered with a lots of oat flakes. Serving together with the dish there was tartar sauce, potato wadges and roman lettuce .

The taste of this oat fish was very nice and pleasant. The crispy batter was full of oats and it was a perfect combination with the tartar sauce. For fish lovers, this dish will certainly satisfy your crave.

Santorini Potato Salad – RM5.00, the salad was made of mashed potato with homemade dressing and topped with oat flour and one piece of tomato and roman lettuce.

Her-Mus-Ney Chicken Chop – RM11.90, the chicken thigh was grilled together with some herbs and was then served with special sauce which was made of mustard and some other secret ingredients. The side dishes were potato wedges and salad.

The grill chicken thigh was so normal, but the sauce was very special. It tasted sweet and sourish which made this dish very appetizing.

Santorini OH! mama – RM8.90, this dish was cooked in claypot with dark sauce. The chicken pieces were braised until very soft. It was then sprinkled with spring onion for a better aroma.

One of the reasons for the name of this dish was it really tasted like mummy’s home cooking dish. The taste of this dish was very nice, as the dark sauce was very thick and delicious. However, if this dish were to be taken separately the taste will be too strong and salty. It was meant to be served together with rice.

Fish Sauce Bee Hoon – RM5.90. The bee hoon was pan fried together with fish sauce. The dish was accomplished with scramble egg, slices of onion, a few prawns and curry leaves.

The look of this dish was like Singapore fried bee hoon but instead of frying with tomato puree, it was cooked with fish sauce and some additional secret ingredients. To me this dish was just at an acceptable level only.

Mixed Grill – RM20.90, this dish consisted of grilled lamb chop, chicken chop and sausage. The side line of the dish were chili, garlic and barbecue sauce.

The taste of the grilled lamb chop, chicken chop and sausage were just normal and the sauce was nothing special as well.

Santorini Seaweed Fried Rice – RM6.90. This was a normal fried rice cooked together with Japanese dried seaweed, carrot slices, some herbs, slices of prawn, bonito flakes and some spring onions.

Not everyone will love the taste of seaweed with fried rice. However, I do love the “fishy” smell of this dish. Besides the fishy smell of this dish, it still tasted as a usual fried rice.

Kampar Yue Wat Soup – RM5.90, this dish was cooked with fish stock, vegetable and homemade fish ball that made of “Taufu fish” meat. This “Taufu fish” was imported from Kampar where this fish is not available anywhere in Penang.

The preparation of this dish is very simple, just a fish stock soup with vegetable and some fish balls. The taste of this dish was simple yet delicious. The texture of the fish balls was so smooth that it really melted in your mouth. The only drawback is that the portion was too little.

Wonder Box – RM6.00, the ice cream with mango and chocolate was placed on a square and thick bread. The ice cream was completed with colorful sugar flakes, chocolate fudge, almond flakes and watermelon balls.

The Wonder Box was colorful and wonderful, the combination of ice cream and the bread was so just like its name, so wonderful. This dish is worth to try out.

Santorini Cracker – RM4.90, the cracker was made of bean curd skin, it was expanded and deep fried until crispy and salty. It was then served together with Thai style chili sauce.

The taste of this food was as spoken, crispy and salty. For those that love saltiness, this is the dish that you would want to order.

Santorini Signature Coffee – RM8.00, this house brew coffee was served with ice,  topped with fresh cream and sugar flakes.

The aroma of the coffee was so thick and nice. It really tasted nice together with the fresh cream. I definitely will go back for this drink.

Santorini Thirst Quencher – RM5.00, this drink was made of plum and orange. It will make those sleepy awake and quench their thirst.

Nice drink, but I still prefer the signature coffee, maybe due to I am a coffee lover.

Santorini Chocolate – RM5.50, an iced chocolate drink topped with chocolate chips.

It was a very common chocolate drink, tasted just like Ovaltine drink.

Overall, most of the food here were nice. The ambiance was very cozy. The price here was reasonable. However, most of the food did not match with its restaurant name, “Santorini”. It should have served more Mediterranean and European food. Another drawback is this place lacks of car parks and is not easy to be located.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm; 5:00pm – 10:30pm (Close on Monday)
Contact: 04-229 2776
Address:94, Burma Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang
GPS: 5° 41′ 90.86″ N, 100° 32′ 74.62″ E

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  2. Must try this place next time I go to Penang again, hopefully soon. I love fried Beehoon and will go anyway for a good plate!

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