Sakura Living, M Mall – The Shop for Premium Japanese Goodies

If you are looking for some premium imported Japanese goodies, the only way is to travel to Japan. However, the problem is we don’t travel to Japan that often.


Sakura Living has made it easy for us now as we can now get all the premium Japanese goodies from the shop located in M Mall (Penang Times Square).


Sakura Living sells almost everything which are imported from Japan, from Snacks…..


To liquors…..




and Cosmetics.


One of the selling points about Sakura Living is the premium chocolate from Japan, Shiroi Koibito – Ishiya (白色恋人). This premium chocolate from Japan hardly got out from Japan due to their shorter shelf life. Despite the challenges, the owner, Mr. Goh still brings this to the shelves of Sakura Living.


Meltykiss chocolate is also one of the famous chocolates which is available here. This chocolate needs to be stored in cool temperature as it can melt easily in our hot and humid weather.


The famous Milky chocolate is also sold here at Sakura Living.


Apart from the premium chocolate from Japan, the mini dried crab snack “Tamagogani” is also available at the shop.


The scallop snacks which are imported directly from Hokkaido can be a great pairin with beer, sake or various kinds of drinks.


The Japanese Sake is also available here and the price is also very reasonable.


Not just varieties of alcohols available here. In fact, there are also varieties of sparkling and mineral waters selling here too.


This type of water is contains collagen, which is something unique and new to me.


There is another section in the shop selling kitchenware and beauty products. You can find things like electrical kettle, racks and even ovens.


Yukatas for both adults and kids are available.


Guys and girls who like to look good will be thrilled to find a range of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products here.




Ashiya from Japan which is the premium Japanese cosmetic brand, can only be found at Sakura Living. The uniqueness of Ashiya is their product has been used in hospitals in Japan to rejuvenate damaged or burnt skin. It can also be used to promote younger looking skin.


For more details about Sakura Living, please have a look at my Facebook video:

Overall, this place is packed with Premium quality goods imported from Japan. If you are not willing to spend to travel to Japan to get your Japanese food or cosmetics, Sakura Living has almost everything that you need.

Address: 79-G-12A,12B, M Mall O2O, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang.
GPS: 5.4119159,100.3238278

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