Sakae Teppanyaki & Izakaya – 2-in-1 Concept Dinning @ Auto City, Prai

Sakae teppanyaki and Izakaya at Auto city is one of the restaurants with two dining concepts. You might be asking what is the meaning of 2-in-1 dining concept? In short, it means you can try out the sushi and cocktail @ Sakae Izakaya. While if you are a teppanyaki lover, you can always dine at Sakae Teppanyaki counter and let the “Show” chefs amaze you with the entertaining and sizzling cooking.

Locating this place is not very hard. If you know how to go to Auto city @ Prai, Penang, you will sure know where is Old Town at Auto City. Keep driving through the end, you will come to Starbucks coffee. Turn right and you will see Sakae Teppanyaki & Izakaya is just in front of you.

Upon entering the main entrance, you will see the grand and exclusive chandelier hanging at the middle of the hall.

There are many teppanyaki counters at the ground level, where “show” chefs will perform “live” cook of the  teppanyaki in front of the audiences.

As for starter, Fei Fei from PenangTuiPui was invited to demonstrate how to prepare teppanyaki fried rice. The ingredients are simple, they are rice, garlic, egg, shojiu (Japanese Wine) and shoyou (Japanese Soya Sauce). Although it looks easy, but you need some skills on the ingredient measurement, duration of cooking each of the ingredient as well as the presentation. Therefore, a master of Teppanyaki takes 2 weeks just to learn how to cook a teppanyaki fried rice.

Besides Fei Fei,Cariso also had the chance to perform her skill of frying teppanyaki fried rice in front of us.

Lingzie also tried out her “flying egg” skill with the teppanyaki kimchi fried rice in front of us.

If anyone would like to learn how to cook a good teppanyaki fried rice, remember to look for Cariso. Cariso’s Brand fried rice, your excellent choice of dish.

If I didn’t tell you which fried rice is cooked by whom you will not notice the difference. However, the one below was the one that cooked by the chef.

And this one is by Cariso.

At the ground floor, besides the main hall with teppanyaki counters, there are also private rooms which can cater about 10pax each for private functions.

Other than the ground floor which serves teppanyaki, the first floor is created for a more intimate ambience. This place is out of the sizzling and hot teppanyaki stove. It the Izakaya sushi and cocktail bar.

A row of shojiu’s….

More to Shojiu’s….

Besides the eating and drinking leisure, this place also provides sushi making workshop which the master chef will provide the tactic and ways to make hand roll sushi. This class is suitable for those looking for team building activities and at the same time you will appreciate the sushi that you have made. For those who are interested, the minimum will be 15 pax per class and RM40 per class. Kindly call 3 days in advance to make the booking.

The ingredients for hand roll sushi.

Tools required for sushi making.

The chef started to demonstrate the way to hand roll the sushi.

Squeeze and turn the other way round and press on two sides.

Place the salmon at the bottom part and once in the position, turn the sushi upside down.

There goes the completed sushi.

Besides sashimi, we also get the chance to learn how to make California roll. In fact, this is the toughest to prepare among all the sushi.

The finishing touch of the California roll. There are too many steps involved, for those who are interested to know more, please call 04-5080268 to find out more details of the class.

The chef-made California roll.

Next is the main ingredient for maki sushi. Yeah, the shrimp eggs.

First, roll and stick the rice.

Place the seaweed to cover its side.

Placing the shrimp egg on top as the finishing touch of the maki.

The mini sushi set which were done by me 🙂 At the end I had to finish what I have done. After this class, I am more appreciative of the sushi that goes into my mouth rather than always complaining the rice is too hard or too sticky. After all, we should leave sushi to the pro to make instead of an amateur like me.

Sushi Platter – Fire Dragon Maki – RM13.80, Raw salmon, tempura prawn, salmon roe, shrimp roe, mango & mayonnaise.

Sushi Platter – Rainbow Maki – RM12.80. Raw salmon, red snapper, broiled prawn, crabmeat salad, avocado & mango

Sushi Platter – Mango Soft Shell Crab Maki – RM12.80. Soft Shell Crab, Shrimp roe, mango & mayonnaise

The red snapper was caught fresh from the tank.

This is the fish that was later served to our table.

Seabass Sashimi – RM38.80, Fresh Red Snapper (Groupe) cut into thin slices and served in a very neat and presentable form.

Mixed Agemono with Japanese Curry RM15.80. Fried breaded chicken, salmon, quail egg & Japanese shitake mushroom served with light fragrant home-made Japanese curry

Sweet Romance Set – RM49.80 (2 Pax). Lovely combination of teppanyaki sukiyaki chicken, assorted tempura, salmon with teriyaki sauce, chicken, squid, half shell scallop & 1 mocktail.

Live Baked Lobster Set – RM129.80. Mouth-watering set of Boston live lobster baked with salt, live seabass, chicken, squid & live oyster sashimi, served with rice, appetiser, assorted vegetables and miso soup

Bubbling Passion – RM8.80. Sparkling Passionfruit.

Chocolate Parfait – RM12.80. Vanilla ice-cream with peanuts, topped with chocolate fudge and chocolate.

Strawberry Parfait – RM12.80, Vanilla ice-cream with strawberry and mango.

Azuki Smoothie – RM11.80. Red bean, shiratama, vanilla ice-cream

Kyoto Sunrise – RM9.80. Mango Calpis, mango puree.

Omo Soft Shell Crab – RM7.80 (2Pc). Soft shell crab, egg crepe, fish floss served with Japanese sweet sauce & mayonnaise.

Love Chocolate Fondue – RM19.80. Fresh strawberry, banana, green tea mocha served with decadent chocolate dip.

Love Cheesecake – RM9.80. Celebrate your love with this delicious homemade strawberry cheesecake.

The bloggers were busy taking photos on the food as always.

Special thanks to the organizer for planning this invited review by PTP and CK Lam.

Overall, the ambiance here is very nice and cozy. Most of the food are delicious and luscious. The service here is great. The price is worth the money for the environment and service. The only drawback is the air conditioning of this place is not evenly distributed. Anyway, the management is looking into this matter seriously.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Thu); 11:30am – 11:30pm (Fri – Sun), Open Daily
Contact: 04-508 0268
Address:1815-B, Jalan Perusahaan Auto-City, North-South Highway. Juru Interchange 13600 Prai. Penang.

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  1. I fell in love with this place immediately and the food served there were great. I just hope they would get the relevant party to get the cooling system up soon.

  2. Wah so fun! You make your own Japanese food in people’s restaurant. The best part, you no need to wash a lot stuffs after that!

  3. Hi,friend..Fyi,the fish u mentioned is not red is barramundi (siakap) snapper is other type of fish.(siakap merah) and both of them are totally different.:-)
    btw,it is nice to view your webpage..lots of info gained there!

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