Regius Tea, Queensbay – The Topping That Makes The Difference

A cup of iced tea topped with cheese is a combination that never crossed my mind. In the beginning, I feel that this is an awkward mixture. However, I changed my perception about it. Keep reading to find out how I feel about it.

The newly launched Regius Tea hailed from Hong Kong. This is the franchise in Penang but the 3rd in Malaysia.

Regius Tea offers a comfortable place for dining in and for taking away as well.

Regius Tea is the tea that caters to the generation nowadays who is willing to try new creations.

The uniqueness of Regius Tea is the top layer of the drinks has been covered with cheese and garnished with either green tea powder or chocolate chips.

The soft and creamy cheese topping is a special mixture in which the ingredients are not disclosed to the public, which makes it outstanding compared to the rest.

The top selection of the Regius Tea are listed below:

  • White Peach Oolong Tea – RM12.90
  • Sakura Strawberry – RM13.90
  • Lychee Black Tea – RM12.90
  • Uji Matcha – RM13.90
  • Regius Coffee – RM14.90
  • Signature Chocolate – RM13.90

Other than cheese topping, what makes Regiustea stand out is the option of Regius Durian Cheese topping. By topping up with just RM1.00, you get a durian sensation in addition to your cheese topping. This is available uniquely in Malaysia outlets only.

The cheerful and energetic team of Regius Tea who are always ready to serve.

White Peach Oolong Tea, An oolong tea with a mixture of peach flavour. This plain oolong tea is best served with Durian Cheese topping. This is my first time trying out tea with a cheese or durian cheese topping. It is something different which I have never tried before. The cheese was not too rich and surprisingly it blended very well with the plain oolong tea.

Regius Coffee, the slightly bitterness of the coffee also makes a good combination with the cheese topping. The coffee needs to be either sugarless or at least with minimal sugar to pair with the creamy and salty cheese layer. This is my selection as I am a coffee lover.

For the coffee, there is an option for hot as well. This is specially dedicated to someone like myself who can’t take cold drinks. No doubt, the hot version is the one that can really bring out the aroma of coffee with cheese combination, which is something not so obvious from its cold counterpart.

Signature Chocolate, this drink is dedicated to chocolate lovers. This drink was packed with chocolate and cheese topping and garnished with crushed chocolate cookies. This can be classified as a top to bottom chocolate drink.

Sakura Strawberry, this drink is filled with strawberry flavour. The difference in this drink is the topping is not completed with cheese, but instead fresh cream to complement the strawberry drink. This is something for those who likes the colour of pink and with a combination of sour and sweet flavours.

Lychee Black Tea, this tea is similar to white peach oolong tea, the only difference is it has a stronger taste of tea with some lychee flavour.

Uji Matcha, the strong green tea flavour with a hint of bitterness that tasted heavenly when combined with cream cheese topping. This is another one of my favorites.

Overall, Regiustea brings a new trend of enjoying tea. It never fails to give customers surprises with its cheese and durian cheese topping. You will need to know which drink goes well with which topping to have the perfect match that will never disappoint you. The Coffee and Uji Macha are my favorite. As this is something new in Penang, do check out Regiustea at Queensbay Mall for surprises on your first sip of their tea.

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Family Friendly
Pork Free
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WIFI Available

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Address: 3F-26, Queensbay Mall 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas
GPS: 5.334633,100.3043892

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