Puppies Schnauzer for Sale, Goldie looking for Girlfriend

Just received an email from my friend on puppies for sales. My friend has 3 male gold, salt & pepper Miniature Schauzer (MKA) for sale (Home Breed). Pictures as below:

Selling Price: 1 for RM1300

D.o.b. 27-08-2007

Please contact me if you are interested.

By the way, my golden retriever is still single and available and is looking for girlfriend (too bad he doesn’t have MKA cert, that’s why he’s still lonely). If you ever come across or own a female retriever that doesn’t mind on MKA cert but personality instead, please contact me. Pictures as below:

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9 thoughts on “Puppies Schnauzer for Sale, Goldie looking for Girlfriend”

  1. Hai… kek sim nowadays people look at certification more then personality. Like looking for Job, we also need certificate so he’s so kesiahan. Who ask him don’t want to study well.

  2. Might be from the same owner. My friend just ask me where to get it and want to buy also. Btw, how much u bought urs?

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  5. where is u place??
    de min.schnauzer cost can less more???
    i realy had interest 2 buy………

  6. angelina, this post was 6 months back and my friend already bought that dog and he is very cute, now 1 year old dee. If happend that he got pup, I will let you know.

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