Oh Kee Bak Kua, Air Itam – Nostalgic and Memorable BBQ Bun Stall

For those that graduated from the high schools of Penang had surely gone through the life of eating and squatting by the road side after school while waiting for school bus, or even just to have a quick snack before heading home. Those were the days when the worries of money and living are not essential. The older we get, the more worries we have and sometimes to get rid of these headaches is to find back fond memories from the yester-years.

One of my favorite old days is squatting by the drain while eating the Bak Kua Roti (BBQ pork slice with bread). There are not many stalls currently that sell such classic food. One of the few places that are still selling this food is the Oh Kee Bak Kua Stall. It is not hard to locate this stall, if you are driving to Air Itam via Jalan Air Itam from town area towards Penang Hill, you will surely pass by a roundabout and on your left you will see a memorial statue. Just beside the statue you will see there are a few hawker stalls selling some Penang food by the road side.


Oh Kee Bak Kua Stall is one of the stalls located there. His name is Oh Kee but that does not mean he has “Oh Kee” (Black Mold) on his face. Instead Oh Kee means his surname is Oh, so Oh Kee means Oh’s. Mr. Oh, the stall owner of Oh Kee Stall has been selling Bak Kua since 10 years ago.



The price list for Oh Kee Bak Kua Stall is as below:

  • Bak Kua Roti (BBQ Pork Slice with Bun) – RM1.40
  • Bak Hu Roti (Meat Floss with Bun) – RM1.40
  • Bak Kua + Bak Hu Roti ( BBQ Pork Slide + Meat Floss with Bun) – RM2.00
  • Luncheon Meat + Meat Floss with Bun – RM2.20
  • Sausage with Bun – RM1.00
  • Taiwan Sausage with Bun – RM2.00
  • Bind Hoof with Bun – RM2.10
  • Bind Duck Hoof with Bun – RM2.10

The rest of the price list that are not inclusive with Buns, can be refer as below picture.



The classic charcoal stove which consists of a barbecue compartment at the lower part and a steamer on top makes it a unique trademark of these bak kua stalls.


Whenever the pork slices are placed on top of the BBQ pit, the aroma of barbecue would fill the surrounding area.


A finished barbecue pork slice bun is covered with its unique gravy that makes this bun a delicious and juicy snack.


Overall, this is a very classic and delicious food. The cost of the bun is also very reasonable. The drawback is there aren’t many parking lots available around here.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 1:30pm – 5:30pm (Monday Closed)
Contact: –
Address: Jalan Air Itam (near to the round about opposite Lye Lye Food Court)
GPS: 5° 40′ 57.38″ N, 100° 28′ 27.14″ E

4 thoughts on “Oh Kee Bak Kua, Air Itam – Nostalgic and Memorable BBQ Bun Stall”

  1. The older Mr Oh has retired and his son has taken over the stall and has moved to a new location on Jalan Sekolah Lasalle. The new location was actually the site of another famous roti bak kua seller who was killed in a road accident.

  2. Hi Steven, my name is Soo and I am the sister of Oh Kee. I wanted to let you know has not retired yet. He has moved his place of business selling Bak Kua to Jelutong Pasar in Penang. His time of business is 7am – 12pm. Would you mind updating the address and time on your website? It would help him so much. Also here is his phone number if you would like to reach him – 016-436-3991
    Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Soo Heang, thanks for the update. I would like to know near where of Jelutong Pasar? I am craving so much of his bah kua. I might pay him a visit this saturday. 🙂

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