Nulounu – OFF the unnecessary ON the lighter lifestyle

Nulounu ( is a brand selling natural and earth-friendly products. Nulounu is an Esperanto language and is pronounced as nulo-unu which means “0” and “1”. Null “0” means there are things that can be taken “OFF” from our get-used-to-be behaviours (e.g. stop using single-use paper coffee filter), and there are stuffs that need to be turned ON “1” into our daily life (e.g. use natural household products to reduce chemical impacts to our beloved family as well as the planet we live on).

Nulounu was founded by 2 owners, Sujata and CY. Sujata is a biz-all-rounder cum artistic globetrotter currently resides in Poland who drives the way, while CY holds a dual-role (international corporate employee cum housewife) who triggers and dives into executing the effort and a Sdn Bhd company to ground the overall.

28th July 2019 was the day when Nulounu was introduced to Penangites. The event was held at Moontree 47 where a group of friends and media were invited to learn about this brand. Nulounu is a Penang-based company which is expanding their reach to KL market soon as well.

Nulounu currently offers the following product range:

  • Natural Scented Personal/ Self Care
  • Natural Scented Household Cleaning/ Maintenance
  • Wooden Dinnerwares
  • Fabric Coffee Filter/ Coasters
  • Honey from Poland

Currently there are 2 pickup points in Penang which are Moon Tree 47 and Mano Plus Penang. There are also 3 showcase spots which are Moon Tree 47, Mano Plus Penang and Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Company that also showcasing Nulounu products. There will be more pickup points coming up soon.

Some of the products that are recommended to all are:

  1. YOPE – Shower Gel – Linden Blossom, A natural, moisturizing and soothing shower gel. This shower gel is dedicated to those with sensitive skin and nose-allergy. For myself I am allergic to strong smell of fragrance, therefore there are not many choices of shower gels available for me in the market. Fortunately, this will be in my next shopping list for shower gel.

YOPE – Body and Hand Lotion – Linden Blossom. A natural moisturizing lotion for hands and body with fresh and cheerful fragrance. Usually lotion with strong fragrance will contain higher chemical content and tend to make our skin dry. However, Linder Blossom’s body and hand lotion is giving the gentle natural fragrance and at the same time keeps our skin moisturized long afterwards. The extracts of flax seeds, marigold and chamomile flowers soothe irritations and accelerate the reconstruction of epidermis.

Overall, Nulounu focuses on providing natural and eco-friendly products. The price of the products are reasonable as well. As per Nulounu’s Murmur:

“Knowing that we cannot separate the environmental, social and economic impacts of one’s living style, and we are responsible for our impact on the integrity of all ecosystems in this earth, we chose to take actions and run this “nulounu” effort. We use the company name to be our guiding light, and hopefully, be yours too.”

To know more about Nulounu’s products, please visit:

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