My Super Flying Dog – JJ

 Do you love your dog? Do you own a dog? How to take good care of your dog? I have a golden retriever and his name is JJ. Actually I wanted to give him a better name but I didn’t good in name giving so I had decided to use back his name given by previous owner. He came at the age of 5 months, I can see his progress day by day. I still remember he can fix into a small basket last time and now he will sure spoilt that poor basket if he sit in.

So far JJ has been a good dog, just that he likes to dig and play with the mug when raining. I am not sure if you had faced such problem also? Is any suggestion or way to teach him, please do let me know. The pictures above is taken when he is asleep. Just like the super dog.

Do you still remember the fat boy with all type of characters? Let me show you some of the pictures below:

Do you remember him now? Despite this fatty kiddo I am going to do something with my super dog 🙂

This is JJ flying over the Statue Of Liberty

JJ Jumping out from Taipei 101 

My dog is lavetating beside Lantao Big Buddha 

JJ is preventing Leaning Tower from Falling. 

My flying dog at Eiffel Tower. 

JJ is on top of KLCC Twin Tower. 

My dog has already round the world, how about yours?

10 thoughts on “My Super Flying Dog – JJ”

  1. Sure nothing to do with him, just coincident that the previous owner gave him this name dee. May be she is the fanz of JJ Lin Jun Jie? Cause my dog already used to the name already and suddenly want to change his name very hard, instead I just leave it

  2. JJ lol I’m sure the previous owner like JJ Lim, a single from Taiwan. So you got train your dog like sit, stand, hand those basic needs or not? Golden Retriever easy to train than other type of dogs

  3. Merdurian, got. train on sit and hand is very easy, but train for stand very hard. But my dog got mood 1. If he happy he can learn very fast 1 else he will just don’t give a damn.

  4. Champdog, you can own a dog too. My friend have a schnauzer in his apartment too. It’s so cute. I think if you want to bread a mini size dog in your apartment also can.

  5. Having dog in my apartment is not allowed. I hope I can own it within this year when my parents move over to here in a landed property. Btw, I just now wonder where the superman song comes from and now I know it is from you blog. 🙂

  6. Merdurian, wat to do. How about u? do you own a dog too??

    Champdog, seen you name got dog. It’s good to have a dog. Infact, is very fun to have them around to greet you when you are backed.

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