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This is the follow-up post from my previous Melaka Travel Guide where which are the places that must be visit. This is about the food that must be tried when in Melaka. There are 4 types of food that you shouldn’t missed, although some are overrated. Please follow this post to find out more. The usual recommended food in Melaka are as follow:

  • Melaka Chicken Rice Ball
  • Melaka Style Cendol
  • Satay Celup
  • Portuguese Seafood

Hoe Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

One of the specialties in Melaka is the Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball. There are a lot of similar chicken rice ball stalls and shops in Melaka. To taste the chicken rice ball, of cause we need to find the most authentic one. One of famous shops is Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Shop.

It is located at the middle of Jonker Street. Usually you will need to queue up for your meal.

The kitchen cum office.

The chef was chopping the chicken.

When the crowd is too much to be coped, the shop will not serve soup.

This place is always packed with people even on weekdays.

The rice is boiled in chicken stock and added in with some chicken oil, salt and flavoured with ginger, garlic and shallot. The rice is then rolled into sphere shape and served with steamed chicken pieces, chicken liver pieces and garnished with cucumber and soya sauce. They also served with chili sauce for those that love spiciness.

The ultimate chicken rice ball. Some people love the the rice to be prepared in ball shape while some love the normal rice type. As for me I love the usual rice type, maybe due to I love the feeling of rice bites.

Steamed chicken which are chopped into pieces.

Fried mix vegetable is also available as side dish.

Overall, the taste of the chicken rice is delicious. The rice is packed with aroma of chicken and the meat of the chicken is fresh. So far, we waited for 15 minutes for the seat. For those who travel from outstation, it is worth the wait. The damage for us at here was RM68 for 6 pax, which was very reasonable.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (Open Daily)
Contact: 06-283 4751
Address:4, 6, 8 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Walk), Bandaraya 75200, Melaka

88 Dessert Cendol and Ais Kacang

After the delicious Melaka chicken rice ball, you can follow the path and walk down the street until you reach No. 88 Jonker Dessert. The place is actually a Museum Cafe where they display some antiques and also serves dessert.

The owner of the dessert stall was very busying slashing the ice  in every second. There is no time for him to slow down as the queue is always long.

There are plenty of dessert varieties, from Baba Durian Candol, EPC Cendol to Baba Ice Kacang and Baba Mango Ice Kacang. The price range is from RM1.70 to RM4 per bowl.

The cendol is served with green chendol jelly, ice, santan (coconut milk) and red beans like the usual Penang cendol. The only difference is they served it with thick gula melaka (pulm syrup).

Overall, I find this dessert quite unique and very different compared to Penang Style. I love the taste of Melaka-style Cendol. However, some may still prefer the Penang-style cendol as they couldn’t take the taste of gula melaka.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm (Open Daily)
Contact: 06-286 8786
Address:88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Walk), Bandaraya Melaka, 75200, Melaka.

Capitol Satay Celup

Someone did tell me, if we go to Melaka without trying out the satay celup, he will not join us. Therefore I suggested that we try the most famous stall in town, which is Capitol Satay Celup. However after trying it out, he claimed that he will not try that again next time when visit Melaka.

The reason is due to its extraordinary long queue. Standing for one and a half hours just for the 20 minutes of tastebud-pleasure. It is actually not worth the long wait at all.

Satay celup or satay steamboat is similar to our “lok lok” in Penang except that it is dunked in boiling satay sauce instead of water. When new customers are seated, an iron pot with satay sauce is then placed in the middle of the table and then bring to boil.

While the satay sauce is still boiling, the staff will keep adding in many ingredients into the sauce like gula melaka and crunched peanut.

The ingredients is then being stirred into the satay sauce.

The choices of sticks range from seafood, meat to vegetable. They come in raw to semi-cooked. Each of the satay stick costs 70sen.

Overall, the satay celop is very unique but it is not worth the wait. If you can’t stand for long and you don’t want to risk your life being knocked down by the cars or standing in the rain, I suggest you to give up and try the one next door. The owner needs to think of some solutions if he doesn’t want to lose his business to its competitors.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 5:00pm, till late night when the last customer leaves, (Monday Close)
Contact: 06-283 5508
Address: 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75200, Melaka

Portuguese Seafood

This place serves excellent Portuguese seafood. They offer home-style Portuguese fare. They serve small dishes such as otak-otak (fish cake) to larger dishes like Portuguese-style baked fish.

The location of this restaurant is inside the Portuguese settlement near the port.

One of the best dishes that I have tried in Melaka is the Portuguese style otak-otak. It is not the usual otak-otak that we had in Penang. The taste is more juicy with fish meat and the spices used are very different. It is a must-try dish in Melaka. The most important point is you don’t have to wait for one and half hour for the food.

The normal omelet with onions.

Fried Kailan in sambal style. Very delicious and the aroma of sambal was very strong. The veggie was also very fresh.

The Portuguese-style baked fish is their signature dish. The fish was very fresh and the marinated spices was hot and spicy. A very traditional way of serving the Portuguese-home-cooked-style dish.

Fried spicy chili clams. There were few big clams mixed with mussels. They were very juicy and tasty clams that mixed well with the chili sauce.

Fried Belacan Sotong in Assam sauce (Fried squid in assam sauce). It is a very uniquely prepared dish that I haven’t tasted in Penang or other places in Malaysia . The gravy was sour with some slightly sweet taste. The squids were cut into slices and it tasted fresh and crunchy.

Overall, it is a must-try restaurant when visiting Melaka. The price for 6 pax with all the dishes above is RM130. The taste was heavenly great with minimum waiting time. The only waiting time is on the  food preparation which took about 20 minutes.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 12noon – 10:30pm (Open Daily)
Contact: 06-284 8067
Address: 18, Medan Portugese Settlement , Ujung Pasir, 75050 Melaka.

14 thoughts on “Melaka Travel Guide @ Recommended Food In Town”

  1. I think chendol must hv gula melaka lohh..and ais kacang myst hv some sarsi syrup.. i miss the way the old hawkers made it back then..nowadays are takin shortcuts & the taste aint the same anymore.
    Anyhw, I must make a tript o melaka soon 😉

  2. wahh the chicken rice shop just look like ipoh ‘nga choi kai’ huh?taste nice or no?which one better ar?ipoh one or melaka 1?

  3. weiii steven G,i saw the cendol…im cendol lover la….the melaka cendol looks different to me….any nicer?penang road cendol better or melaka 1?

  4. Hi Steven,


    I’m Nicole, I work for Jetstar Asia in-flight magazine, and we are currently looking for people to help us with our section called ‘Destination Guides’ where we get locals/frequent travellers to answer a few simple questions about Penang. It will appear in our next issue together with a picture of you and your picture/occupation. Would you be interested in giving us some insight about Penang?

    Please email me at regarding your interest.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you!


  5. this one different, the rice is compact into the ball type. Comparing the chicken both Ipoh and Melaka are not much different but the rice is the ultimate. Once you try the rice you will love it 🙂

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  7. I love satay celup and I have my fix at least once a week … I have tried all the shops, Capitol, McQuek and Ban Lee Siang and I used to think Capitol was great until I chanced upon a new shop called Satay Celup Nyonya at Taman Melaka Raya, towards Dataran Pahlawan. Their sauce is a little tangy and sweet and it taste just great. Looking back, I think all the other shops’ sauce taste bland in comparison to this nyonya style. Go try and judge it for yourself … Bon Appetit!! … and check out their website (I had a hard time to suss their website out)

  8. Hi Steven, after our trip to Penang we drove down to Malacca on 14th Sept and what do you know we had lunch by chance at the very place you recommended (I only read this section today as I thought you do Penang only) Hoe Kee Hainanese chicken rice at Jonkers walk. We had the full set, rice ball, steamed chicken, liver, fried vege and assam pedas fish. It was one of the best chicken rice I’ve tasted but I wasn’t too keen with the much acclaimed rice ball. When I tried one I keep thinking those people preparing, where they had to mashed and shaped it using their hands. ha ha ha Im a bit squirmish but my children loved it though. My fmly keep telling me that the cook must have used thin hygenic plastic glove but I still couldnt come to term with it. Anyway I enjoyed the normal rice and requested for second on rice and extra plate of steamed chicken. For 6 of us plus soft drinks amounted to Rm115. Its worth it.

  9. Hi Helen, glad to know that you are a fan of chicken rice too…. I love chicken rice too. In fact, I do have the same feeling that the normal chicken rice taste much better than the chiken rice ball. However, there are 4 out of 8 that prefered rice ball type. The reason why the ball is rolled in the ball shape has the story behind. I had read an article that saying the first Hainanese chicken rice in Malaysia was spreading out from Malaka. That time the Chicken rice was selling in mobile hand carry stall and to make it easier for the rice to pack, they made the rice in ball shape so that it won’t get fall easily.

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