M16 for Hao B’day

After weeks of transactions, finally I had settled down a bit in my new department. Therefore, is time to update my blog again.

Gift_hao2_8Gift_hao_1This time is a backlog blog, let turn our time back to 15 Dec 06. Today is a big date for Lau Bah Hao. The name should not be mention unless you know. According to him, he is too famous and well known, so his identity has to keep secrete. By the way if you read before my previous blog you will know who the hack he is.

Hou_with_gun_2 Anyway, that day is his birthday. Lau Bah Tatt and me have a surprise for him, which is a M16 giant banana, loaded with paper mint sweets and bird nest sweets as bullets. This ultimate weapon also equipped with black voodoo stick laser pointer and a bottle of paper grenade launcher.  All these were smuggle illegally from Sarawak.

Hou_suicide_1No wonder after seeing all these gifts he was so happy until wanted to commit suicide. Luckily was stopped by me immediately, else we will have a good friend lost in memorial.

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