Localized Korean BBQ @ Korea Palace, Tg. Tokong.

Korea Palace, this has always been in my visit list after several floggers recommended this place for their Korean Barbecue. This place is not hard to be located. Follow the road from Gurney to Tanjong Tokong, drive along Jalan Tanjong Tokong and you will surely spot this restaurant on your left.

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the commercial building.

Like many other Korean restaurants, there will be a bottle of Korean Green Tea on the table. The taste of the green tea is like a mixture of tea + coffee. Of course it’s neither like our Chinese “yun yong (coffee + tea)” nor the Japanese green tea that we used to have, it was a common tea among Koreans as told by my friend.

There are a few private rooms available, but the rooms are open to parties consist of 8 people and above. We were directed to sit in the open space since we have only 6 of us. One big disadvantage about this place is there are no baby seats available. As for the infants, it’s time for them to learn to sit on adult chairs or the parents will have to carry them througout their stay. This is even worse when you have to sit on the floor with your baby like those typical Japanese restaurants where your legs rested on the big hole beneath the table.

The vegetables are served as the appetizer. If you look carefully on the picture, you will see someone is feeding her baby as the baby has started to make noise due to discomfort.

The sesame oil and the honey for the barbeque.

Like any other Korean restaurants, a wide array of side dishes will be served as starter before the main course begins.

One of the side dishes is the ever popular Korean signature dish – Kimchi. The Kimchi is not as spicy as compared to others. It is specially made to suit those who prefer a milder taste.

The short and fat Korean fragrant rice which is served in a silver bowl with matching silver chopsticks and long silver spoon.

The Barbecue stove which has been setup after we were half-way through our starters.

Soyabean Paste Stew (Doenjang Jjigae) RM18. This hot pot is catered for 4 people. The sourness and the spiciness really keep the appetising going. The soup is cooked with chinese noodle, 冬粉 dang hun, bean curd, chinese cabbage, fish balls and miniature corns.

Unfrozen Grilled Beef Rib (Saeng Glabi) RM60. This is a must order if you are a beef lover. The beef was very soft and the fat was well spread on the meet, it just looked like wagyu beef. The beef has been marinated with their own special ingredients. The preference of the meat to be soft or hard depends on the way you cook it.

Grilled Chicken with Red Pepper Paste Sauce (Maekom Dak Gui) RM27. This is an alternative to those who do not eat beef. The chicken was nice as well with their homemade red pepper paste. The spiciness is considered mild.

If you think  Grilled Chicken with Red Pepper Paste Sauce will  be too spicy for you, then you should go for Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce (Dalkom Dak Gui) RM27. As this particular chicken is cooked with teriyaki sweet and sour sauce, even kids will love this dish. There are also options to DIY (Do It Yourself) on barbecuing the meat but if you don’t trust your skill or you want to lay back you ask the waiter/waitress to cook for you.

There are few ways to enjoy the barbecue meat. You can grill them and put them directly into your mouth; You can eat them together with rice; Or in a more unusual way is to use the vegetable leaves provided to wrap the barbeque meat.

After reading the title of my blog, a lot of you might be thinking why on earth did I come out with this title “Localized Korean Style BBQ”.  This is because the taste of the marinated meat are not as “Korean”, instead the taste is more towards local taste. This could be due to the ingredients are sourced from local. You can find the taste of the cinnamon powder and also the teriyaki sauce is like coming from the local supermarkets.

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly (no baby seat) red_cross
Pork Free red_cross
Corkage Charge
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 5:00pm; 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
Contact: 04-899 7900
Address: 28-1-2 Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470, Penang.

16 thoughts on “Localized Korean BBQ @ Korea Palace, Tg. Tokong.”

  1. Nothing impress me from this restaurant cause I already tried the best. When you have chance to come KL, pay a visit to DAORAE Desa Sri hartamas or Kota Damansara. You will be surprise how good they are vs the price paid. Imagine RAIN also dine here during his concert tour last time.

  2. localized taste? doesnt that hold true for most cuisines in Msia? 🙂
    but to an extent, had they cooked all the dishes the true, authentic ways, some may not be able to adapt to the taste.

  3. J2kfm, the taste is not as “Korean” as it is. Compare to some other Korean restaurant that served the food that is more near to Korean style. However, the taste of the food is quite nice also, depend on the taste the person perfected.

    CK, I remember I had read your post about this place also only I go to this place to try out.

    Ken, remember to bring me to the place that you mentioned when I am in KL ok?

  4. Ken, surely the first thing that I will do in KL is to find you. 🙂 moreover, u know all the tricks and tips there that I wanna learn from you.

  5. I went to korean restaurants, korea palace and DAORAE. In my opinion, the food and price from korea palace is much better than DAORAE’s. Korea palace’s rich flavor is unforgetable!!! If I come to a korean restraunt, I will choose Korea Palace!!^_^

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  8. Is this Korea Palace identical to the one in Crystal Point, Bayan Lepas? The signage isnt the same, but the internal furniture seems similar.

  9. Hi Ginn, the name is different the one that you mentioned is “daorae” while the one I had wrote is “korea palace”. However, I heard that the boss is still the same. Which I am not sure too.

  10. Hi Stev,

    I would like to suggest you to visit a Korean Restaurant in Tanjung Bungah, right opposite the Copthorne Orchid Hotel. The place is called KimChi Korean Restaurant.

    I personally thinks that they’re really good and those dishes serves are very authentic compared to Sa Rang Chae, Daorae and Korea Palace. The must have will be the Kimchi Jigeh (Kimchi Soup) and best part of all, they sell Kimchi too!! 🙂

    Do check out the place and if you need any arrangement, let me know as I know the owner well. You can browse their FB page too:

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Sue Ean, thanks for the recommendation. I had tried out that place over last yew years back. I kinda love the food there as well and I find that the portion served are quite big. However, the only drawback is the price there is on the high side. If the price can be down a bit I personally feel that KimChi Restaurant will be full of clients.

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