Lau Bah Tatt’s Birthday

Ok, this time will be a bit different. It’s not about food now. It’s for Lau Bah’s memorial birthday.


Thinking and Planning for the whole month, still unable to crack of something for him. Until 2 days before Lau Bah’s big day. I had finally got the idea to give him something special.









Arranging and Executing with producer of FolyGum, Mr. Cloz Chan and myself. At last, the platinum CD of 100 million Lau Bah’s records sold worldwide had been made.

There were a lot of failures during the making of the platinum cover. The significant one is the layout of the record. It is said that to have looked like a memorial notice. After many amendments, finally the final product has been accomplished.









Below are the  presentations of Lau Bah’s first platinum record by both producers to himself.








Note: The actual demo of Lau Bah’s album will be played at my main page coming soon.Img_0718_1Img_0719_1

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