Laser OPS Laser Tagging Game, 1st Avenue – The License to Kill

Letting the imagination run wild is a way to enhance creativity. When I was a kid I used to imagine that one day we will be able to travel across galaxies and instead of mankind war, there will be inter-planet wars and the guns that we will loading  will not be bullets, but instead our primary weapon will be laser.


Activating the arcade mode in a dark environment with laser and LED lights to guide through the direction and targets is just like what was happening in the movie “TRON Legacy”.


Today, playing the futuristic laser shooting game is no longer the game for tomorrow, which we can only see on screen or based on imagination.


If you are looking for this kind of futuristic and adventurous shooting arena, you can always visit Laser OPS on the 3rd floor of 1st Avenue. It is just next to Break The Code. In fact, this place is still new where it was launched on last Saturday 23rd May 2015.


The game is usually segregated by missions. A mission is targeted for 20 minutes which includes briefing and vesting and actual game. The ticket pricing is as follows:

  • Off-peak (Mon – Fri) – 1 mission RM18/ person. 3 missions RM36/ person
  • Peak (Sat, Sun and PH) – RM21/ person. 3 missions RM42/ person


There are few types of mission, the most common one will be:

  • Free For All Non-Team Mode – Kill and shoot as much as possible regardless of which team
  • Free For All Team Mode – Kill and shoot as much as possible on opposition team
  • C.H.I.P.S Mode – Kill and shoot opposition team with lift on the vest. Once life drops to 0, reload at base is required. You can shoot at opponent base for 100 points for each shooting. You also have the super mode such as Deactivate Mode, Rapid Fire Mode or Spy Mode.


The team which was ready for the challenge on the launching day was in combat mode.


First to enter will be the briefing room where the rules and regulation of the game and mission were briefed to all the troops.


The mission rules which needed to be obeyed before any shooting.


After the briefing session, the next room will be the vesting room where all the troops will need to equip with their armor and gun.


The vest and gun are decided by computer and you are requireed to wear your number.


There will be green and red teams for the heads on.


The final room is the battlefield. This is where the shoot out and fire begins.


The futuristic war zone is a sneak preview for those who were invited on the launching day, which I am honored to bring my camera in this “no-camera zone”.


Red team base, get ready to shoot out!


Green team, on your mark!


Let the war begin!!!!


Well, lucky me. I am the top player for one of the missions.


Overall, LaserOPS is a nice sweat out game. It doesn’t require any physical contact yet you have to move fast to get as many points as possible. This is an ideal game for team building as well.

Operation hours: 11:am – 10:00pm (Open Daily)
Contact: –
Address: First Avenue Mall 3-13, 182 Jalan Magazine, 10300 Penang
GPS: 5.413293,100.331434
Instagram – @laserops

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