Hidden Treasure Restaurant Chuan-Chuan Xiang @ Raja Uda

(Latest Update: This place had been close down operation due to some business issue.)

There are a lot of “Buffet Lok-Lok” springing up like mushroom after a heavy downpour. Because of this, it has become common and many are offering almost similar style. But there are some which manage to take a twist to the traditional Lok Lok. Restaurant Chuan-Chuan Xiang is one of the few which stands out from others. With the advent of the boss, a new way of enjoying lok-lok is born.

There are dozens of lok-lok which are kept in the fridge. This is to preserve the freshness of the food and at the same time keep them off from the flies. There are many ways to enjoy these great lok-lok. If you are not a big eater or just looking for a snack, (RM0.70/ stick) would be a choice for you. For those who prefer a full and satisfiying meal, the buffet style is the best option to choose from, with just only (RM15/person) including drinks.

Sticks of lok-lok are neatly arranged in the fridge waiting for their hungry owners.

Variaties of lok-lok which include clams, fish balls, meat balls, and also bird’s eggs.

The way they serve the “satay” sauce is something special. Usually the sauces are served in separate mugs or bowls. For this the owner has specially made a container to be placed beside the hot-boiling soup just to make sure you get the hot “satay” sauce at all time.

There are 3 other types of spicy sauce to choose from. From the regular chili to garlic and tomyam chili sauce.

Another bonus point to this shop is if you take the buffet package you can enjoy free flows of canned drinks.

Other than the main highlight on lok-lok at this stall, another delicacy that not to be missed at this place is the Malacca Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball. There are not many places we can find this in Penang.

1 rice ball costs RM0.30. A set of  steamed chicken with 5 rice balls costs RM3.50.

The technique to make the chicken rice into a ball shape has always been a big challenge. It needs to be prepared while the rice is still hot. However, if the temperature is too hot it will be too sticky and the taste will be ruined. I believe the owner has done these many years. The ball is just about the size of a ping pong ball, and the taste of the rice is flavoured with chicken stock.

There is nothing more appetizing than a few pieces of succulent steamed chicken meat which are laid neatly on a plate of light soya sauce sprinkled with fried garlic and spring onions.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

To get to this place is not straight forward. It is quite hidden in the second row. It will be best to call the shop first for direction as well as table reservation.
Contact: 016-4842088
Operation hours: 5.30pm -11.00pm, rest on Monday.
Tingkat 08, Jalan Pangsapuri Emas,
Taman Emas, Raja Uda,
Butterworth, Penang.

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  2. ya lor.. i tot both of them is the MUST try dish at Melaka?

    but the satay celup one… is the whole satay sauce is boiling one.. not like this.. got 2 type….

    something worth trying.. dun need to go so far to get Melaka famous food……

    thanks for recommending….

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