Hennessy H-Artistry 2013, Global Art Of Mixing – SPICE, Penang

It has been a long waited event for all the people in Penang, the H-Artistry 2013. This event also known as the Super Clubbing experience. The event had started with the press conference and the launching of Hennessy V.S.O.P H-Artistry at G Hotel at morning of 25 May 2013.


The launching started with the huddle of all the press reporters and also bloggers. Each of the tables are served with glasses of Hennessy with flavors.


The shot of the Hennessy are added with mixture of either Apple, Berry, Ginger or Soda. These are the flavors of mixer that bring the Hennessy to another different level of sensation. The mixture had lighten up aromatic of the brandy.


Julie Woon, the georgous MC for the event is the lady that kick start the launching of the H-artistry in Penang. The introduction of global art of mix and the artists of the night will  be the main focus of the event.


Hot and Sexy DJ/ Singapore base Artist, Nicole Chen will be the one of the performing artist. check out her killer dutch house track here: http://bit.ly/nicolechen_01.



Andy Murphy, a charming Melbourne born and bred DJ, producer and recently appointed fashion ambassador. Listen up to his addictive electro tracks to gear you up for the party. Check it out:http://bit.ly/AndyMurphy_soundcloud.



Ya, I know I am short when standing in between them. Sigh~~~~


24HERBS is a Hong Kong hip Hop group formed in 2006. It consists of six members: Ghost Style, Phat, Kit, SIR JBS, Drunk & Dor Yuk. Phat & Kit were members of the Hong Kong undergroup hip hop group LMF. These party rocker will turn the stage upside down. Click here to check out the video


All the artists cheer with a glass of mixing Hennessy in hand.


As bloggers, we are honored to get invited as VIP/ Supreme guests to the entrance of the arena.


Some of the bloggers including myself are shooting with Julie Woon, before entrance to the event.


Look at everyone, all of us are waiting to know what is going to happen in the party with great anticipation.


The photo that taken after the entrance at main hall of “Show me your Hennessy moment” Fotobox.


The video below will show you in brief of how’s happening it was during the event.

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