Heineken Pre-Party Thirst 2013 Night, Cuvee Penang – The Happening and Anticipated Night Out Event

There are a few events in town that are highly anticipated. One of them is the Heineken Thirst Night. During this event there will be happening party and drinks for the attendees. The wave of Heineken starts to hit the road in Malaysia during this December. However, the pre-party series of Thirst 2013 has just started to hit Penang, Ipoh and JB during November. This round the pre-party event in Penang was happening at Cuvee of Precint 10, Tanjung Tokong Penang.


Upon entering to the event, there was a welcoming stage where guests could take photos with the event show girls.



Celebrating all things about Heineken Thirst, 01 November sees the release of a special 13th edition of JUICE Magazine which delves deep into the world of Heineken Thirst in an attempt to commit the excitement, energy and magic of Malaysia’s premier dance music festival to print. With the kind of insider insight unique to JUICE, this special issue also profiles the cities of the Pre-Party Series and the next generation of creative talents who are working to change the way we view their hometowns.

Posing together with another blogger Jerilyn See of (http://www.jerilynsee.com/) during entrance.


The entrance to the event required a ticket and the fee was RM110 per person.

“The collaboration with JUICE in Ipoh, Penang and Johor Bahru, as well as the KL Pre-Party Series, enables us to bring our consumers beyond the Klang Valley a taste of the scale, excitement and creativity of Heineken Thirst,” comments Jessie Chuah, Heineken Marketing Manager. “Heineken has a well-earned reputation for delivering new and cutting edge experiences to its music fans. With the Pre-Party Series, Heineken once again creates the spark: it’s our fans who bring these nights to life.”


The entrance band was given to access the party.


By showing off the Beer Redemption Voucher, we were allowed to redeem for 2 bottles of Heineken beer.


The panoramic view inside Cuvee Club.


The reserved table for bloggers who were invited to this event.


The night was still young as only few bloggers arrived early.


This is the scene where the engine started to warm up.


This is the scene during the peak of the night.


The few attending bloggers (2nd from left to right):


The DJs who performed for the night:

  • Darling Sabrina
  • Jee Hoe
  • Goldfish & Blink


The stage started to rule by DJ Sabrina Darling, a very elegant and smooth trance.


It was then followed by DJ Jee Hoe, who was more on alternative music.


The peak of the night was taken control by DJ Goldfish & Blink. The songs were mostly mainstream and popular where the crowd was familiar with and danced along with it.


The video capture of the crowd dancing during the event.

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