Hundred Years Haunted Mension – Relau, Penang

Do you believe in ghost? Have you ever seen a real ghost or haunting experience before? I met an haunting experience myself. However today I am not going to talk about that ghost story, I am going to talk about the famous haunting mension at Relau, Penang.

Actually I did not realise there is such a place in Relau until yesterday, I went for dinner with Michael Cheah, the webmaster and the place we are having dinner is very near to this haunting mansion. Despite of some free time, I have suggested to explore this place.

Wikimepia GPS location: 

The drive from Relau “Kei Tak Sek” food court only take 5 minutes and surprisingly the haunted bungalow just located beside a recreation park. It is so wired, how come this haunted building is still located beside the “Taman Metropolis Relau” (Relau Metropolitan Park)? Why the city council didn’t demolish off this scary place? Aren’t there any residents complaint about this?

This is the view from outside the haunted scence. I was dare enough to get close for photo, while Micheal waiting for me inside the car.

According to the local legend here this building has been here for hundred years. This building is very strange, there is a swimming pool inside this mansion. Normally, the swimming pool will be build outside the house instead. However, this one is so wired.

It is learnt that a woman committed suicide in the swimming pool at the mansion after her parents objected to her relationship with a man. Another rumour has it that two people drowned in the pool, of whom one was the owner’s son. Nearby residents dare not venture near the mansion at night.

The Star Newspaper even interview a factory operator M. David Raj, 19, who hangs out there with his friends and cousins for the past five years, said he had on several occasions smelt fish curry while they were there at about 7pm. A friend who uttered some vulgar words was sent tumbling down the stairs and a nun claimed that she saw many souls there .The prayer session was done to fulfill the late nun’s request. 

I only managed to take the pictures of surounding area only without exploring deeper as the time is getting late.

You can see there is a temple that built just next to the haunted mansion. It is said that this will keep the souls inside the mansion so that they will not leave this place to hurt people.

Below videos are the experience of a excavation team from Hong Kong television show that explored this place. After this movie, try to ask yourself “Does Ghost Really Exist?”

Haunting Mansion – Relau, Part 1

Haunting Mension – Relau, Part 2

28 thoughts on “Hundred Years Haunted Mension – Relau, Penang”

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  2. whoa you still dare to take the haunted mension’s picture…. Honestly i don’t dare to watch the clip, I afraid later I couldn’t sleep at all… I kinda scared of this kind of thingy. But this haunted mansion can become one of the well known places in Penang, some of the tourist might find interesting of hunting this kind of places -.-

  3. I don’t aware there is such place in Penang. Relau is very near my place some more. 😀 Opps… after watching the video, I’m a little scary because later I want to go back to office *alone*. 🙁

  4. I’ve been to the mansion last 2 week after watching quaitan. The pond in the middle of the house is not a swimming pool but a water feature. I’ve taken somephotograph of it as well, 7.30pm. If you are interested, email me and I’ll forward you the photo. No doubt it’s quite scary eventhough at 7.30pm with sunlight. Considering to venture more the next time there but gotta be during afternoon.

  5. I think i got to know about this quite late la but i just found out that there’s such a place in penang. john would you mind to send me every photo that you have from the mansion…would love to know more about it…

  6. Actually i went there before just manage to see the building and not inside of it, as my gf was with me and not allowing me to go in. It was ancient and spooky overall, but to my surprise there is a Garden and a liabrary (if not mistaken) besides it.

  7. HokkienChar, you are right the mansion is very near to the recreation center and also a library near by. Do you want to go visit inside there? I am planing a trip with many people.

  8. I was told by my colleague last Thursday that her 17 years old son and some friends went to visit. They did not go inside the mansion but only looked from far. According to her, her son said that the place was quite spooky even just by looking at it. The kids were there for some time and when they all went back, they have itchiness on their whole body.

    My colleague also told me that someone saw something at the window. Apparently the temple that was located nearby doesn’t have the ‘power’. It’s not powerful enough to wade off the ghosts. The reason why the mansion was not demolished as told by her, there were incidents happened when people came to demolish the place. Something terrible will happen such as death, accidents or machinery spoilt or could be anything.

    If this place is prosperous enough and location is good, surely government will do something about it. Unfortunately, if you consider death, accidents and etc trying to prevent the local authorities from doing their work, then it’s too powerful to handle.

    Usually for abandoned place, drug addicts will be the 1st one to occupy. Do you think the drug addicts have tried the place? Did anyone notice whether there are trails of drug addicts inside the mansion?

  9. Lynn, I think the place there is too “dirty” and even the councils are unable to bring it down. I know last time got a few drug addicts stay there but they were not for long and now is like total empty.

  10. I went there with my father like last month, it was in the early morning as he would want to take me to see the new park. We went inside the mansion to take picture of the layout including some concept shot. When I went in there, I did not feel anything as what was in my mind is the antuquity of the place and its hitory being the first swimming pool inside the building.

    We explore until the back, where there is a stairway that goes through the river to the other side. I did not wanted to go as I was still thinking where to take more pictures.

    If you were to go someplace, respect the place as well as have a clear mind.

  11. Yes, have known about this haunted mension years ago, before all these appartment and the park. Use to travel from Balik Pulau to Air Itam using this Relau Road when i was a child and my mum and dad will point it out to us and tell us about it. Can’t remember much about the story behind this mension, but yes a lady did drown in the pool at the mension and it seems her spirit is haunting the mension. Hmm.. wonder if my dad still remember who the mension belongs to…..

  12. Hi well i cant see the clip, i live next to this area, thankfull its pretty peacefull, nothign of the sort has every happen nor have i heard any. Infact my company held a family day event there which was successfull. I do see many ppl at the temple at various times of the day. Also visitors to the park area at nights…

    Where can i get the clips ? I am interested to see,as it is interesting having to live very near. Nothing to offend though.

  13. Shalini, u mean ur company trip is to visit this haunted house? did anyone see anything? my friend saw some eerie thing when they went there to explore at night. As far as I notice, the “thing” will haunt at that place only instead of go to other place from that building.

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  15. I really doubt there are ghosts in this world. I’ve spent 5 years in Australia and pretty much visited all the supposedly most haunted locations in Australia at night. Nothing so far.. being a Malaysian, i will definitely pay this place a visit when i visit Penang.

  16. ANZ, may be yes or may be no. It is still a myth of ghosts in this world. However, this place had been removed recently. The ghosts inside also move away together too.

  17. Went to Penang in April 2014 with my then boyfriend who is now my husband. A friend of ours from the US had introduced us to her friend who lives in Penang and he was very gracious to show us around. One day, he surprised us and brought us to this haunted mansion since I was fascinated by another scary looking abandoned school we kept driving by. Anyway, the 3 of us walked towards the building but it was boarded up. He proceeds to tell us the exact story behind the mansion, about the swimming pool inside, a girl, drowning, etc. and pointed towards the peculiar black temple and asked us if we knew why it was built. As we were standing and staring straight ahead at the red and black temple, just moments later, as if on queue, we hear a loud scream on the right side from afar, of a little girl’s scream. I was immediately startled and booked to the car. When my husband finally made it back to the car and we drove off, he told us that he felt something very strange had happened. Mind you, he is not particularly into these types of things and is somewhat skeptical to say the least. Anyhow, he said that it took him awhile to get back to the car because he felt something holding his legs so he couldn’t move. He just told me tonight that it actually happened right when we heard the scream so I asked him why he didn’t tell me this before and he told me he didn’t want to scare me even more. Because this story was brought up again tonight, it prompted me to google “Penang haunted mansions” and lo and behold….here we are. SCARY!!!

  18. While serving in the Air Force 35 years ago ,I visited this Mansion believed to be owned by the last Kapitan of Perak and the first to have in house swimming pool.At that time the whole area was dense jungle with rubber trees.The only way down to the mansion was from the top to the temple and narrow path to the house. The main altar was decorated with Chinese deities
    and lights.Found two under ground passages on the left and right of the altar sealed.Suddenly a elderly hunchback very elderly came to me.I really got frighten because seeing a person so old but in a Chinese white Nun`s costume.She told me to leave immediately as this place a not a good place.Also suspected to be drug lab operation area.This appeared in either NST or Star 35yrs ago with pictures.

  19. Wao…. Sundara, very interesting story. Although that place is no more haunted but I really glad you giving me this nice info about the underground passages which I didn’t even notice.

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