Budget Travel to Hatyai Travel Tips

Getting away from the usual routine for a short and relaxing trip is a great way to recharge. I would always choose free and easy tour than packaged holiday tour as the latter is constrained to a tight schedule and “shopping tour”. In fact, free and easy travel is fun and hassle free if you did a little bit of research prior to traveling, albeit sometimes it might take longer to reach a destination.

Below are some useful guides for those who love traveling free and easy to Hatyai.

1. Pay a visit to 7-11 convenience store

The first thing you need to do once arrived at the land of smile is to visit the nearest 7-11 shop which is at almost everywhere in Hatyai. You may grab yourself a local sim card (for those that do not have data roaming). I recommend Happy Tourist SIM pack from dtac which costs only 299 baht. This package will keep you connected for 8 days while you travel.

And for those who feel hungry after the journey, there are many instant reheatable food available.

The Croissant Burger Double Cheese & Ham – 25 baht.

This bun was juicy and yummy, it was packed with cheese inside out.

If you are feeling thirsty, grab a Snowy Beer – 55 baht. This large can of Snowy beer is available in most of the 7-11 in Thailand, but not in Malaysia. For the price of 55 baht per can, it is very affordable.

2. Char Hor Fun

ร้านก๋วยเตี๋ยวราดหน้าราโด้ – GPS: 7.0029996,100.4717677,  Unfortunately, there is no English name for this shop. The Chinese writing for this shop is “Char Hok Mee (炒福面)”.

They are famous for Char Hor Fun:

Char Hor Fun (wet/dry) + egg 65 baht/ no egg 55 baht

The look and ingredients of the wet hor fun are quite similar to Penang style char hor fun. However, the great part of this hor fun is the presence of wok aroma in this dish that makes it outstanding compared to others.

On the other hand, the dried hor fun tasted slightly different from the wet version as it does not have starchy gravy over it. But the presence of wok aroma was still vivid.

3. Thai Stewed Pork Leg

Tara Seafood Restaurant – GPS: 7.0057449,100.4685012, Although the name of this restaurant sounds like a seafood restaurant, in fact it is famous for its Thai Style Stewed Pork Leg.

Stewed Pork Leg – 60 baht, served with rice, stewed pork and egg, pickled veggie and sauce.

The texture of the stewed pork was soft while the sauce blended well with the meat.

4. Song Tham

Song Tham – 60 baht, the classical and authentic mango salad that tasted different from overseas version.

5. Unique Souvenirs

Custom Made Passport Holder – 100 baht, available at the store in front of Lee Garden Plaza.

Select the design and ornaments that you want.

Have a personalized passport holder with your name and design.

6. Accommodation

S Hadyai Hotel, GPS – 7.007148,100.4781038. This is a new and contemporary-designed hotel. Although the price of the hotel is slightly higher around 200 – 300 baht per night compared to those in the central, this place was clean and cozy.

The walking distance from S Hotel to the central is around 6 minutes. For those who don’t prefer to walk, Grab is easily accessible from this location.

Road side stall beside Lee Garden Plaza. GPS – 7.0055101,100.4695866.

The pricing for the food by the road side:

  • Stewed Pork Leg – 50 baht
  • Chicken Rice – 50 baht
  • Chicken Slices – 120 baht
  • Roasted pork Slices – 150 baht

The food at the road side was good and price was reasonable. My friendly advice – order whatever it is written on the menu only. If you made a custom order or out of the menu such as “a plate of roasted pork” or “a plate of chicken slices” the price will be on the high side.


7. Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream – 50 baht. This stall is just at the road side of Lee Garden Plaza.

The refreshing and rich coconut ice cream is the solution for the hot weather at Hatyai. There are 2 optional side topping available for this coconut ice cream. However, for those who love plain like myself, you will get more ice cream serving instead.

8. Moo Ping (BBQ pork)

Moo Ping (BBQ pork) – 15 baht per piece, This stall is also located next to Lee Garden Plaza.

The moo ping at this stall is also one of most reasonable around. The only drawback is that they don’t serve with chili sauce.

9. Dim Sum

Chokdee Dim Sum. GPS – 7.001843,100.4733514. Thinking that there are no good dim sums in Hatyai? You are wrong. Chokdee Dim Sim is one of the great places for dim sim.

The ordering of the food and the dining area are in 2 separate locations, but they are just across the road.

Dim Sum + Bak Kut Teh – 580 baht. The whole table of dim sum and a bowl bak kut teh cost 580 baht which was very reasonable.

The portion of the dim sum is just a palm full which is very small.

Even the tea cup is also smaller in size.

10. Dinner at Payang Restaurant

Payang Restaurant. GPS – 7.005179,100.489845. Looking for good place for dinner? Look no further than Payang.

Dinner listed as below for 1580 baht (4 pax):

  • Thai Style Craspy Pork Leg
  • Minced Pork Fried with Mixed Veggie
  • Green Left Fried with Egg
  • Seafood White Tomyam
  • Steamed Spicy and Sourish Fish

The dishes here were nice especially the spicy minced meat and the fried leaves. The steamed fish was also very appetizing. However, the pork leg was slightly overcooked.

11. Drinking at Daza

Daza, GPS – 7.0049888,100.4839074. This is one of the nice places to chill out with friends with a few mugs. This place has live band, the singer also tried to sing a few English songs to suit us, which was a very gesture.

Overall, Hatyai is a nice place to be for free and easy travel. The only problem is the communication barrier there. But still it is a popular place for Malaysians to eat and drink. Accommodation is also very good and affordable. Hopefully this simple guide will help those who would like to plan a short visit Hatyai.

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