Guinness Amplify Live Tour, Penang

Music fans gathered together raising their pints of Guinness while anticipating their favorite band at the Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Live Tour in Penang! Handling the stage at The Bank were; Jumero, GTXperiment and Penang’s very own local talents; The Color Noise.

The GUINNESS Amplify Live Tour brings fans across Malaysia together for a night of incredible music by the talented, dedicated, and passionate artistes. The campaign aims to build our local talents, allowing them a platform to perform and encouraging other local talents to step out and live their dreams.



The AMPLIFY LIVE TOUR is the next phase in the AMPLIFY campaign, following the launch of AMPLIFY FM – the country’s first online radio station which only plays music made by local artists. For easy access, anyone can stream on tablets, phones and computers by visiting


The first to take the stage is The Color Noise who played power pop, indie rock and disco punk rhythm that got the crowd psyched up for more.

guinness_amplify7 guinness_amplify8

Follow on that taking the stage were the four piece band; GTXperiment who are known for their easy soul, r&b and pop culture. It was an exciting time watching the crowd grooved to the music.

guinness_amplify10 guinness_amplify11

To end the night was the easy-going, fun-loving beach band; Jumero. The boys brought their acoustic influence and gave it their best with their energetic performances which put the perfect end to a night of Music Made of More.

guinness_amplify12 guinness_amplify13

Aspiring Malaysian musicians will get the chance to record their very own single in the AMPLIFY Recording Studio at the end of the month; 12 up-and-coming local acts will be selected to lay down a track in the pop-up studio and have it professionally mixed and produced. One of these artists will also stand a chance to record a full, 3-5 track EP, courtesy of GUINNESS AMPLIFY. So let us support our local artists and bring our more local talents, just visit

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