Great Kick Start Breakfast @ No.76 Coffee Stall Batu Lanchang

I’ve just realised that I haven’t blogged about breakfast set, as in Western style breakfast for quite sometime. The last post was way back in May 2006. It was on Sungai Siput Breakfast and was one of the first few posts of mine. I just can’t believe I have survived this long on food blogging although I don’t really earn much from food blog nowadays. Sometimes, I feel a bit tired and not sure what I am still writing for? The more I write the more mistake I will make and sometime even accidentally hurt someone. It is an ironic remark that I have always wanted to be direct but ended up I have already hurt someone. For those that I have accidentally hurt, I sincerely apologise here. For those that still keep reading my post, I would like to thank you for the support and I will promise to dig more great food.

The menu for today is the kick start of the day. I have been to this place twice. It is really a nice place and easy to be located. The stall is actually inside the food court center of Batu Lanchang market.

The name of the stall is No. 76 Teik Coffee Stall.  It is just a few steps away from the side entrance of this food court. This stall is definitely famous for its breakfast set (toast + half boiled egg). This stall is run by a middle-aged couple with a few maids to help them with the serving and cleaning. The lady boss is very friendly and efficient.

Breakfast set (2 pieces of toast + 2 half boiled egg) – RM2.40. To start off the day with a strong and aromatic coffee has been part of my daily routine. I just can’t imagine one day without coffee. I am not sure how long will I survive. 

Hot Nescafe – RM1.20 

The ingredients for the toast are simple. Just a mixture of kaya with butter. For those who doesn’t like kaya, you can always ask for butter only and vice versa. There is no no additional charge for special request like this..


The half-boiled egg is also nicely cooked. The egg yolk is neither too cooked nor too raw. The most important is the soy sauce which is strong and aromatic. It makes a great combination to the salt and pepper papper which are added to the half-boiled egg.

Overall the food here is nice and reasonably priced. The place is very cosy and convenient. Even the service is very fast too.

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Opening Hours: 6.30pm – 10.00pm (Closed on 2nd half Tuesday)
Contact:Lady Boss – Poh Mei
Address:No 76, Komplex Batu Lanchang, 11600 Penang.

16 thoughts on “Great Kick Start Breakfast @ No.76 Coffee Stall Batu Lanchang”

  1. I know how you feel. I got felt wanna quit before but my readers ask me to continue.

    I can see you are a bit lost here. Being a food blogger, lone ranger is very sien one when finding foods. Cannot order much and therefore no good coverage.

    If you really wanna blog for money and get more traffic, you should categorized all your post [hawker, restaurants, streets, old school ….]. Now I find that your post are rather scattered. If I wanna see ALL your post, I need to scroll 1 page by 1 page. Some of the foods may not attract my tongue. Who knows you got a hidden gem within all your post which people have long forgotten about them. I read your blog coz it bring me old school feel of Penang foods. Keep it up …. hope you dun mind of my comments here. It is just my dua sen. hahahaha

  2. hi steven

    you `re doing fine there, keep blogging
    you have my support all the way from UK, and one of my favourite blog site


  3. 1. the breakfast set actually very cheap compare to my place, and my favorite, hehe, the telur setengah masak, hmm~

    2. hey, keep on blogging la. if feel tired, can take a rest at this coming CNY holiday la. i’m alwiz your royal supporter!!! let’s gambateh together!

    3. i’ve created my own-made video ads for my blog, drop by my blog and see whether can give u some spark on your blogging journey or not. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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  5. hi Steven, i just find out this website..
    thanks for ur support!! ohya, i am the owner daughter.. my dad is ah teik, my mom is poh beng//

    we r famous with our Kopi, u can have a try as well..
    my mom serve food as fast as fast food!! wakaka.. coz most of people will hang up there to hav breakfast b4 go to work, so she nid to be fast!!
    ah teik 76 can be said that 老子号 in batu lanchang..
    if u not sure where izzit, u js ask any shop in batu lanchang market, where is ah teik stor? or 76.. people will know.. hehe..

    u can order for kopi tarik, kopi shake.. u can shake with any flavour of drinks..

    我们坚持原料!从不偷工减料! 来试试吧!

  6. hi tyng, I though all the while your mum name is Poh Mei. Btw, I love to visit this stall. It has been my regular. A nice place to be. Remember to ask your mum to give me discount next time ya.

  7. ya Tyng, I talked to your mum this morning and I told her that if she got promotion can let me know like last time buy holick and free bread one, cause I can publish for her free on the blog. Btw, today still no free leh 🙁

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