Getting Extra Long @ Te Chang You Tiao, Air Itam

The usual length is 7 inches, but mine is double the size which is 14 inches. This post is not about any Blue Pill advertisement or Tongkat Ali, but was made by Mr. Tan (Hin) who made the Te Chang You Tiao (Longest Chinese Cruller in Penang).

The stall which made the longest Chinese cruller is located at the main road of Paya Terubong, where you can see Restaurant 1997 opposite of this stall. Other landmarks to this stall include “Syarikat Perabut Modern” and “Lau Fu Zhi Bah Kut Teh”.

Mr. Tan (Hin) proudly showed off his longest in Penang, some even said the longest in Malaysia.

Steps to make the longest Chinese cruller:

  1. Mix the flour, yeast and some of the secret ingredients and let it rise.
  2. Next, place the mixture on the table and make it into a long flat stripe.
  3. Cut the stripe into an inch width each.
  4. Place an iron rod into the middle of the mixture for segregation.
  5. Stack 2 mixtures to each other and repeat step 4 for the remaining mixture.
  6. Pull the mixture to about 14 inches long and place it into the hot boiling stove for deep-fry.

This video below shows how the Chinese cruller are being deep-fried.

The completed extra long Chinese crullers are laid on a shelf  to drip-off the extra oil and to cool down the temperature.

The crullers are then cut into half for a variety of creations by Mr. Tan. The crullers are being stuffed with few items to make the else plain crullers to become more tasty and delicious.

Chinese Cruller with Chicken Floss Mayonnaise – RM2.50, I love this one as the chicken floss itself is sweet while the Chinese Cruller is a bit salty with the mixture of the mayonnaise’s sourness, it is simply divine.

Chinese Cruller with Tuna Mayonnaise – RM2.50, another one of my favorites. The cruller has been cut into to 2 pieces and sliced into half and stuffed with tuna mayonnaise and mix vege. I love both chicken floss + mayo as well as tuna + mayo, mostly because the mayo is taking off the deep fried oily taste and the sourness really makes it more appetising.

Chinese Cruller with Sausage Mayonnaise – RM3.00. This is also one creative option, I only managed to eat some only. No doubt this option also has mayonnaise, the sausage really filled me up. For those looking for more filling option, this will be the best choice.

Chinese Cruller with Kaya and Butter – RM2.00. The taste of cruller with butter and kaya is like having a crunchy toast with these 2 ingredients but with slight saltiness from the cruller.

Chinese Cruller with Honey and Butter – RM2.00. The cruller with honey is nice, as honey will cool down the body tempreture and also cleanse away the oiliness of the deep fried cruller.

Chinese Cruller with Peanut Butter and Butter – RM2.00. The taste of this option is as unique as kaya with butter and honey with butter. As for me I still prefer the honey or kaya with butter. Peanut butter and butter with deep fried Chinese cruller is overwhelmingly rich.

Black & White Sesame Twins – RM2 for 3. This is the so-called mua chee. Instead of the plain mua chee, Mr. Tan added in black and white sesame to make it more unique. It is great to have this together with a cup of kopi-o (black coffee).

Extra Long Chinese Cruller – RM1.00, for those that don’t fancy the add-on stuffing but looking forward to plain chinese crullers, this would be the choice.

Black Soya Bean – RM1.00. The drink that served here is the one and only black soya bean. It is nice and refreshing after the fried and oily meal.

Thanks to Criz for the arrangment of this outing. We were also honoured to have Miss Cariso to serve us the Chinese crullers.

The food bloggers who attended:

Overall, some of the stuffing really mix well with the Chinese crullers although not all. The price is very reasonable and the service is up to standard. To me everything is fine, just the miss out of kopi-o to serve with these extra long chinese crullers.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Operation hours: 6.00am-5.00pm (Close Alternate Tuesday)
Contact: 016-4337301 (Mr. Tan, “Hin”)
Address:1250-A, Jalan Paya Terubong, 11600 Penang.

22 thoughts on “Getting Extra Long @ Te Chang You Tiao, Air Itam”

  1. Wow, didn’t know they can have so many different versions, this is special! So tempted to try out the peanut butter with butter cruller as I love anything with peanut butter. But would love to have the plain one too, a dip in bkt would be good. 🙂

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! Absolute decadence! I guess at some point, someone was going to come up with this brilliant idea of adding more liau into the already very rich crullers! I can’t wait to try this!

  3. Food Promotions, I am glad to meet both of you too.

    Sugar Bean, I am not too sure off peanut butter. May be I find it too rich but some people would love it.

    CK, ai meh… we are old buddy already also need to reintroduce ah.

    foodbin, it really needs kung fu.

    550ml, do let us know when u come back to PG we can rombongan there for this long you tiao.

    Allie, luckily not on the table this time.

    Mary, I love your post too.

    NKOTB, we missed you lah

  4. This reminds me that I need to post my review of the longest chinese cruller soon.

    Steven, good job on the write-up and photography!

  5. i shd have posted mine earlier than you did. hahaha. i have all the photos ready on that day itself. however, i am facing some issue that delay my post. anyway, my post is up too. 🙂

  6. The Extra Long Chinese Cruller arent really that good. its like rubber. and its nothing at all like the real thing. its not crispy and neither does it have that crisp smell you get from the ones you get at the market just a little down the road from there

  7. Katharn, wat do you mean by non-real thing? The ingredients that Mr. Tan use to fry the you tiao is real. The oil and the pan used are real too. I believe the texture that you mentioned is like rubber is because you take away back home to eat which it had cold and less crunchiness that feel like rubber. As for specialties, the stall that you mention is normal usual you tiao which is nothing much on making statement with.

  8. you havent had the real stuff i gather? its supposed to be crunchy even if you let it cool down abit

    the whole thing from that shop turns to rubber the second it starts to cool. seriously you need to check your taste buds

  9. Hello Katharn, I think you didn’t get my point. I am saying that there are nothing special on the stall that selling you tiao compare to the stall which I post. Tell me what is so special about the normal you tiao stall that you suggested which crunchiness is just the selling point? are there stuffing inside? do you know why it become soft so fast? this is because there are stuffing inside. I think you need to learn more about food and beverages.

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