G Hotel, Gurney – A Time To Give Celebration 2015

On the 27th November 2015, G Hotel Gurney marked the start of Christmas celebration with an annual Christmu Tree Lighting Ceremony at G Hotel Gurney Lobby as well as the launched of “A Time to Give” charity program in aid of the 30 children from the Salvation Army Children’s Home.



The Christmas Lighting Ceremony was opened to all hotel guest and public. Themed in green this year, the 20 foot tall Christmas Tree sits at the center of the lobby, decorated with handmade ornaments and light star that got everyone into the festive mood. Additionally, Christmas lights and ornaments that were placed all around in G Hotel Gurney added more joy into the festivities.



The event started with a short welcoming speech by Mr Kevin Cheah Executive Assistant Manager of Sales and Marketing of G Hotel, followed by the lighting of the Christmas Tree, which is to mark the start of the Christmas Season. Moments later, Christmas carols can be heard across the lobby, sung by
the 14th Penang Company Carollers of the Boys’ Brigade to bring everyone into the festive mood. The children from The Salvation Army Children’s Home wrapped up the night with three songs presentations and a spectacular dance performance that managed to catch the attention of all those present that night. Light refreshments were also served throughout the night made by the renowned pastry chefs of G Hotel including fabulously rich Eggnog, freshly baked Christmas Cookies, delicate Christmas Fruit Cake, Christollen which was filled with lots of dried fruits and free flow of drinks including beer and wine.




G Hotel continued to spread the Christmas cheers by launching its Christmas Charity Programme “A Time to Give”. The children were lined up in a row to hang their wish cards on the Christmas Tree located at the corner of the lobby. Name of each kid were written on the Christmas wish cards along with their wishes such as clothes, story books, stationeries, sport shoes, toys and many others. The public is encouraged to pick up a card of their choice of gift, purchase the gift and place it under the Christmas Tree before the 17 December 2015. There are over 90 wish cards and each of the children will receive three gifts. With a loving and generous heart, the wishes of these children will be fulfilled, giving them a wonderful and memorable Christmas.



“A Time to Give” will be held again on the 22 December 2015, where all the gifts are gathered under the Christmas Tree and the children will receive and unwrap their present at G Hotel Gurney’s lobby. in this season of joy, make your contribution together with G Hotel today.


Let’s fill the children with joy and hope in this meaningful event together with G Hotel Gurney this year with your love and generosity.

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