Free Recipe @ Classical Teow Chew Chai Kuih

It was my honor to get this teaching from my granny-in-law to cook the near-extinct Teow Chew delicacy. All the while the type of Chai Kuih that we get from the market is very common and usual in shape. However, the type of Chai Kuih that I am going to reveal now is more unique in terms of shape as it is made from a mould that is so hard to find in any street stalls or any shops around.

The shape of the Teow Chew Chai Kuih is a resemblance of a Chinese peach covered with flower prints. The uniqueness is not only on the appearance but the ingredients are also unique in a way that it is stuffed with a mixture of yam slices and chopped peanut.

The purpose of having this post is to preserve the traditional preparation of this soon-to-be-extinct dish. The ingredients for the Teow Chew Chai Kuih are listed below:

  1. Half a piece of yam (about 600gm)
  2. 200gm of  dried shrimps
  3. 300gm of meat slices
  4. 1 cup of tapioca starch
  5. 1 cup of rice flour
  6. 1/2 cup of chopped peanut
  7. 1 cup of water
  8. chopped onion and garlic
  9. pepper, salt, cooking oil
First of all, peel the skin of the yam and then cut the yam into slices.

Next, heat up the pan and add in some cooking oil. Once the oil is heated up, place in the chopped onions and garlic.

Once the color of the chopped onions and garlic has turned slightly golden, take out half of it and mix with the yam slices.

For better taste, add some pepper to the yam mixture.

Once the mixture of the yam is ready, prepare the meat slices and shrimp for the next steps.

Place the dried shrimps and the meat slices into the sauce pan with the remaining chopped onions and garlic.

Add in some pepper to taste.

Once the meat is cooked, mix it together with the yam slices. At this moment, add in 6 – 10 tablespoons of peanuts to make it taste good.

After the mixture of peanut and yam is done, get ready the mold for the Chai Kuih.

Before the process begins, start boiling some water.

Prepare the steam container. Note: You may lay banana leaves instead of aluminium foil for better outcome.

Now we will start with making the skin of the Chai Kuih. First, mix the tapioca flour and rice flour together.

Once the mixture is done, pour in some hot water and keep stirring.

Stir and press the mixture until it becomes like a dough.

Cut the dough into small equal pieces.

By using the roller, flatten out the dough and to make it into thin slices.

The regular type of Chai Kuih looks like below.

However, this round we are looking at the classical type which is by using a mold. Place the yam mixture inside the dough and make it into triangle-like shape. The mixture may not necessarily be in triangle shape. It should follow the shape of the dough.

Press the dough against the mold.

Once the dough is very tight, turn the mold upside down and you will get the nicely shaped Chai Kuih.

Place the kuih into the steam container for about 30 minutes and you will get the Chai Kuih as shown on the first picture.

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  1. Hello!

    Can I please know where did you get the mold? My mother’s been desperately trying to find for such teochew kuih mold, and also any sort of wooden cookie or kuih molds. Would you happen to know where to get such things?

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Thank you so much sir. There is only one Jelutong post office, right? sorry we don’t know cz we’re not from penang :S

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