ECC Coffee, Gurney Tower – Another Great Way To Enjoy Coffee

A coffee addict like myself will constantly hunt for good coffee. The latest addition to the list of cafes is ECC Coffee. Espressa Coffee Company (ECC)‘s Flagship Cafe is located at Gurney Tower and has opened for business on 1st March 2016. In an effort to bridge the gap between “the third place” and “the concept store”, Executive Director – Mr. Solomon Lee and its management team strive towards establishing ECC as the solution. As a first of its kind cafe, ECC Coffee will be launching its first wave of signature beverages including coffee, chocolate and fruit tea range along with merchandises such as ECC special mix sachets and more to come.


ECC Coffee promotes a different way to prepare a cup of coffee. At ECC, if you dine in, a shot of coffee is added with another shot of espresso . This makes the coffee even stronger.


The prices for the coffee and tea are listed as below:

menu1 menu2 menu3 menu4

The coffee area provides a spacious and cosy space for patrons to enjoy their cuppa and light snacks.


ECC is also selling coffee powder in sachets which make it easier for coffee lovers to enjoy good coffee at the comfort of their home. Non coffee lovers are not being sidelined as they have tea and chocolate drink in sachets as well.


One thing that I totally agree with ECC coffee is “Life Begins After Coffee”.


Among the many coffees here, the one I enjoyed the most is Medici Espressa. Although the name sounds like “Medicine Espresso”, the taste and the aroma of the coffee is not. The coffee was packed with the freshness of orange scent. This aroma and scent is similar to one of my favourite coffee chains in KL.


Other than hot coffee, they serve iced coffee, fruit tea and chocolate too. During this hot and scorching day, having iced cold drinks can cool down the body temperature and make us feel refreshed.


Usually people who go for drinks would want to have some desserts or snacks to go along with their beverages. ECC took this advantage by offering some cakes and pastries:

Black Sesame Milk Chocolate Cake – RM12.90. This cake was very unique and we seldom can see this cake elsewhere. The cake was based with black sesame and topped with layers of sesame milk and chocolate. The nice aroma of black sesame made the whole cake taste delightful.


Almond Bar – RM6.80, the roll of almond bar with crispy texture and nice almond fragrance is a great companion for coffee.


Sardine Puff – RM7.20, the puff was packed with sardine with a crispy crust. The scent of sardine was slightly too strong to my liking but still at an acceptable level.


Blueberry Muffin – RM6.80. This is the safest option and it can hardly go wrong. The taste was standard just like any other cafes.


Banana Muffin – RM6.80, another muffin for those who would like to go for the safer option.


Overall, this is the place to go for a cup of nice coffee and some light food, especially Medici Espressa (Orange Flavoured Coffee) and Black Sesame Milk Chocolate Cake. These are the 2 signature items that I find it different from other cafes. There are many public parking slots available around Gurney Tower. Always remember to display the correct MBPP parking coupon as the area is a “hot spot” for getting fines.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 8:30am – 10:30pm (Sun – Thu); 8:30am – 12:00am (Fri – Sat)
Contact: 04-2277 001
Address: R-G-B1-2, Gurney Tower, 10250 Penang.
GPS: 5.429882,100.318678

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