E & O Hotel Steamboat – Tossing Towards The Year of Rooster

Steamboat is a common meal during Chinese New Year. Until today there are still many families practising this tradition during Chinese New Year. Modern families may opt to eat out instead to avoid messing the kitchen or cleaning up after the meal. Sarkies Corner and Sarkies at E&O Hotel understand the pain of these households and hence they have come out with a specialsteamboat buffet dinner to usher the year of Rooster.


Almost every meal during or before Chinese New Year will kick off with the tossing of “Yee Sang”.


“Messing up” the dish using the chopsticks is a common scene when tossing the yee sang.


For the steamboat, you can select your choice of broth such as:

  • Chicken
  • Tomyam
  • Herbal


Below are the “treasures” for this exclusive steamboat:


Prawn, brown cuttler fish, fish maw, sea cucumber, salmon fillet, baby squid, red snapper, flower crab, green mussel, crab stick, bamboo mussel, top shell (can), white promfret, crab claw, sea asparagus (can), teochew fish dumpling, white fish ball, stuffed red chilli with fish paste, stuffed bitter gourd with fish paste, stuffed egg plants with fish paste, vegetable fish ball, stuffed bean curd skin with fish paste, sui kaw, bean curd, bean curd skin, deep fried wanton.

eno_steamboat_2017_2 eno_steamboat_2017_3 eno_steamboat_2017_4 eno_steamboat_2017_5


Tang hao, long cabbage, Chinese spinach, nai pak,  Local choy sum, iceberg lettuce, local lettuce, siew pak choy, leek, carrots.

eno_steamboat_2017_6 eno_steamboat_2017_7 eno_steamboat_2017_8 eno_steamboat_2017_9

Mushroom/ Noodles:

Shimeji mushroom, shitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, abalone mushroom, yellow noodle, koay teow, bee hoon, glass noodle, udon noodle.

eno_steamboat_2017_10 eno_steamboat_2017_11 eno_steamboat_2017_12 eno_steamboat_2017_13 eno_steamboat_2017_14 eno_steamboat_2017_15

Meat/ eggs:

Slice beef, slice lamb, chicken meat, slice duck, fresh eggs, quail eggs.

eno_steamboat_2017_16 eno_steamboat_2017_17 eno_steamboat_2017_18 eno_steamboat_2017_30

Dessert and sweets:

Egg tart, Chinese tea chiffon cake, Semolina almond cake, Fesive cookies, Red bean glutinous rice ball soup, Mango pudding, Assorted pastries (selection of 6), fresh tropical fruits.

eno_steamboat_2017_20 eno_steamboat_2017_21 eno_steamboat_2017_22 eno_steamboat_2017_23 eno_steamboat_2017_24 eno_steamboat_2017_25 eno_steamboat_2017_26

Steamboat dip sauce:

Homemade special chili sauce, Coriander oyster garlic sauce, white radish spicy sauce, sweet sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, peanut sauce, cut red chilli, chopped garlic, Chinese parsley, Garlic oil, Dark soy sauce, Light soy sauce.


Overall, the quality and taste of the steamboat and buffet at both Sarkies Corner and Sarkies are exceptional and the options of the food are aplenty. For those looking for hassle-free Chinese New Year meals, you can always rely on E&O its quality and taste.

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