Delicious Restaurant, Bangsar – Inspired by Tapas

“Delicious”, this word is commonly used in my posts as I always talk about good food and great taste. However, for those living in KL will know that Delicious is not only an adjective to describe food, but is also a restaurant that provides great food and ambience to suit the current lifestyle.


Delicious restaurant, also known as The Delicious Group started business in 1 Utama with just a few items on its menu in 2004. Even though its location was not prominent, news of its delicious wholesome food spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth. The thriving café was packed to the seams with families and young professionals looking for the comfort of homemade food served up.


Soon, a second outlet sprouted up in Bangsar Village and now there are six Delicious cafes around the Klang Valley.


Now, Delicious menu has blossomed into a veritable treasure house of western and local favourites that continues to satisfy the palates of its diners from breakfast till late supper.


In order to welcome the year 2016, Delicious’ CEO, Steve Allen, is proud to present the new delicious menu in conjunction with the “Inspired by Tapas” specials. The new menu features 16 new and improved dishes that are true to the delicious brand and incorporate their ethics to provide great quality food & drinks with a hint to healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.


Tapas Inspired Menu

Baked Pumpkin with Grilled Prawns – RM17.50, the pumpkin was baked with herbs, and sprinkled with arugula salad. It was then topped with some grilled prawns.


The taste of the prawns and baked pumpkin was just plain if eaten separately. However, it was a perfect combination when taken together. The dish was packed with greens and contained natural seasoning to bring out its taste.


Creamed Garlic Mushrooms with croutons and poached Egg – RM13. The mushrooms were pan fried with creamed garlic. It was then served with croutons and topped with poached egg.


This is an Aussie style of dish. I love the fresh mushrooms and the touch of creamed garlic. The addition of poached egg was just perfect as it added an extra creaminess to the dish.


Baked Chicken Thigh with Romesco Sauce and Toasted Almonds – RM15.50. The main ingredients of this dish included romesco sauce, tomato puree, vinegar and some pepper and served together with a baked chicken thigh. Lastly, it was garnished with some almond flakes and a touch of coriander.


The tenderness of the thigh was just nice. It tasted superb when it was served in the very much appetizing romesco sauce and crunchy almond flakes.


Grilled Beef Skewers with Tomatoes, red onions and peppers, Garlic Fried Potatoes – RM18, beef cubes were skewed together with cherry tomatoes, red onions and peppers on a bed of garlic fried potatoes.


This is a balanced diet meal and is one of my favourite dishes. It combines meat and vegetable in a single serving. The taste of the soft and tender beef, together with the juicy cherry tomato and capsicums were blended in nicely.


Black cod with a capsicum sauce – RM18, the slice of pan fried black cod fish was served on top of blended capsicum sauce.


Although I am a fish lover, I wasn’t too impressed with it. Partially the texture was a bit tough compared to the pacific cod and the taste of the capsicum sauce was unable to boost up the taste of the fish.


Delicious New Menu

Pumpkin Risotto Balls Mushroom & Rosemary Risotto Balls with Pesto Mayonnaise – RM18, The pumpkin, mushroom and rosemary infused risotto balls, deep fried to perfection and served with some pesto mayonnaise.


The combination of the risotto ball was a perfect match with the wild mushroom and rosemary mayonnaise. The only word that I can describe this dish is Divine!


Roasted Pumpkin, Coconut & Beef Serunding Salad with Papaya in a Spicy Lime Dressing – RM26.50, the roasted pumpkin and papaya was cut into cubes, then served with lettuce and spicy lime dressing, and finally topped with coconut and beef serunding.


The overall combination of this salad was great. My personal preference would be instead of using the coconut serunding (floss), it would taste better with almond flakes or crushed peanuts instead.


Crunchy Chicken Wings with a Sesame and Seaweed Crust, Mustard Mayonnaise – RM18, the chicken wings were battered with sesame and seaweed, deep fried till golden colour and served with mustard mayonnaise.


The aroma of the sesame mixed well with the mustard mayonnaise. The only thing is I couldn’t taste the seaweed in this dish.


Wild Mushroom Wrap with Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan, Cucumber & Pine Nut – RM26.50, the pan fried wild mushrooms were wrappped with cherry tomatoes, topped with Parmesan cheese, slices of cucumber and chopped pine nuts. Also serving together with this wrap were some salad and potato wedges.


This is a healthy dish without compromising the taste. I would definitely come back for this dish.


Carbonara with Seaweed Egg in Parmesan Cheese with Mushrooms and a choice of Beef Bacon or Shredded Chicken – RM28, the creamy carbonara was served with Parmesan cheese and topped with mushroom slices and beef bacon or shredded chicken with a seaweed coated egg.


The rich and creamy taste of the pasta blended well with the bacon slices. I guess the highlight of this carbonara pasta was the egg. The preparation of the soft boiled egg with coated seaweed while maintaining the watery form of egg yolk required certain level skill.


Macadamia & Salted Caramel Cheesecake Sundae – RM17.50, for dessert lovers you can try out this selection.


The portion was humongous. For a normal eater like myself, this dessert can be shared between 2 to 3 persons.


Chocolate & Raisin Cheesecake – RM15, the chocolate cheese cake was made with raisins in between and topped with some dark chocolate sticks.


The cake had a rich chocolate taste and it was surprisingly good with pieces of raisins in between the cake. It is a definitely must-try for chocolate lovers.


Drinks Menu

The available drinks include:

Apple, Mint & Lemon Frostie – RM13.50


Watermelon & Lychee Blast – RM12.50


Ronnefeldt Tea Selection (Chamomile) – RM9.00


Hot Latte – RM13.00


In addition to all the new menu items, the eatery has started to roll out a Monday & Tuesday Specials night of “BUY 1 FREE 1” dishes. In January you get the deal with Sandwiches, Burgers & Wraps. Available from 3.00pm every Monday and Tuesday, the guests can choose any two of these dishes and they receive the lower priced item absolutely free.

Overall, Delicious is all about food creation and balanced diet. For those looking for a fusion and unusual taste, this is the place for you. However, the price is considered reasonable for such ambiance and food.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Smoking Area
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours:

  • Mon-Wed: 11.00am to 10.30pm (last order 9.45pm)
  • Thurs-Fri: 11.00am to 11.00pm (last order 10.15pm)
  • Sat, Sun & PH: 9.00am to 11.00pm (last order 10.30pm)

Contact: 03-2287 1554
Address:Lot GF-1, Ground Floor, Bangsar Village II, 2 Jalan Telawi 1, 59100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
GPS: 3.1306974,101.6691753

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