Delicious Mee Udang & Ikan Bakar @ Warung Pak Su, Kuala Juru

Kuala Juru is a hidden place with a lot of nice Malay-style seafood. There are at least 5 shops that compete with each other. However, most of them complement to each other as the soup and the taste from most of them are different and they even have their own customer base.

For this trip, there are 2 selected shops that have been chosen. The first one will be Warung Pak Su and the other one will be Restoran Nelayan. These are the well-known ones. For this post, I will be focusing on Warung Pak Su instead.

Warong Pak Su is easier to get spotted as the location of this stall is at the junction to Kuala Juru from Autocity.

The famous delicacies from Warong Pak Su are Ikan Bakar (Barbecue Fish) and Mee Udang (Prawn Noodle). There are even barbecue clams and barbecue cuttlefish. Due to limitation of our stomach storage, only selected recomended items were chosen.

The surrounding of this place was very peaceful and quiet on the day of our visit. This could be due to the heavy rain pour as well as the odd lunch time that falls during tea time instead.

The fresh clams in the small buckets are waiting to be ordered.

While I was busying shooting around, the stall assistant was warming up the stove for our Satay (Barbecue Chicken Sticks),

Another assistant was starting another stove for the grilled fish.

The Ikan Pangang (Grilled Fish) that we ordered is Ikan Siakap (Barramundi Fish). It was recommended by the owner that these fish are fresh from the sea.

The grilled fish which was wrapped in banana leaves were placed on a fiery hot stove.

While waiting for the Satay and the Ikan Pangang, our Mee Udang (Prawn Noodle) already served on the table. I have the feeling that the owner was aware that we were shooting pictures around that’s why our prawns were presented nicely.

There are 2 ways on preparing Mee Udang. The picture below is the one that is Bandung (Cooked). Mee Udang Bandung (RM10), the taste of the gravy is mild and it is similar to Mee Jawa. However, the prawns are fresh and I can still feel the tenderness and the juiciness of the meat.

The other type is the Goreng (Fried) type. Mee Udang Goreng (RM10) has a more tasty gravy compared to Mee Bandung. For those who love thick gravy and enjoys eating spicy food, this will be a better option.

Not long after, our Satay (RM6) for 10 sticks finally arrived. The chicken is not over cooked and the aroma of lemon grass is very strong. Infact the chicken is very juicy as well. It is a great complement when it was served together with the noodle.

And the finale, Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) RM30. It was a big fish, We could hardly finish this fish although we have 4 big eaters here. Anyhow, the fish was very fresh. No wonder the owner introduced this fish to us. Caution, the sauce is hot and spicy but it is tempting when served with the fish. However, the side sauce which has a mixture of soya sauce, onions and Chili Padi (Bird’s Eye Chili) is not as delicious.

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Pork Free
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Address: 385, MK 12, Bagan Nyior Juru 14000 Bukit Mertajam.
Opening Hours: Sunday to Monday 12.30pm-10.00pm; Friday 11:30am – 10:00pm
Contact: 012-409 0771, 012-493 5771
GPS: N05″ 19.609′, E100″ 24.886′

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17 thoughts on “Delicious Mee Udang & Ikan Bakar @ Warung Pak Su, Kuala Juru”

  1. Regina, is delicious infact. It is preferable to order the goreng one as the taste more thick.

    PTP, waiting for you to go rombongan there again 🙂

  2. Hmm… you seemed to like the Mee Udang. I still prefer my earlier visit as I still prefer salty food compared to sweet based food. 😛

    Regarding the name of the fish (Ikan Siakap), there are still many different names causing doubts even amongst anglers. Some will call it Barramundi, Perch or even Seabass. Although Barramundi belongs to the perch family, it lives in the sea and is greenish from top to white bottom. It can grow up to 1500mm and can live for as long as 30 years.

    From what we had ordered, it looked more like a salt water cum fresh water perch as the body has a darker grey shade from the top until a whiter belly. As I had said, the name can be real confusing and different country will name it differently. No matter what, we still call it Ikan Siakap.. haha 😛

    Pss… something I did not tell you earlier. This is a unique fish. Normally it will be born as a male but can change sex to female after 6-7 years. 😛 What we had was about a year plus years old.

  3. Selba, no need to be hungry. You come to Penang and I will bring you to this place.

    Criz, the mee udang is so so only. I know you are comparing this stalls with other. However, I haven’t start to blog about the other stall and if I suddenly bring out the comparison, the readers will sure suddenly feel very funny. Oh ya, for the fish thanks for the info given I will need to read up more on the fishes already.

    jacqueline chan, the mee udang is ok, but be petition, I will blog for another stall that the taste is even better.

    Cariso, RM10 for 5 big prawn woo. Where got expensive?

  4. Lots of splendid food pics here.
    My wife and I are thinking of returning to Penang real soon now, although we were there till 1 week ago!
    And Air Asia is offering very cheap flights as well, so that might make it happen too.
    Great blog Steven, congrats.

  5. Thanks Steven,
    Always happy to learn more about new food places.
    We know already a few as my wife is a Penangite but left at 17/18 for studying and working abroad.
    Mom in law never left Penang and has also introduced us to some nice places. Of course when in Penang we stay at mom’s place and have to drive her to all her favourite food joints.
    She owns a car but can’t drive, so it’s up to us to face the roads and the local dangerous kamikaze scooters. (Lol).
    But yes, we might love to accept your ‘guide’ suggestion as it would broaden our culinary horizon.
    Cheers, see you in Penang one day.

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  7. just tried it…the grilled fish that we have was as so good as u said… we ate together with grill clam and chilly prawn (the gravy taste like mee jawa) ..overall it was yummy! we will try satey and others next time!

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