D’ Fat Mona Lisa Cafe, Jelutong – Reasonable and Delightful Breakfast

If I were to ask for a list of cafes in Penang, the popular ones will be the first that pop up in the list and it will never end. However, if I were to ask for cafes that serve breakfast sets with coffee or tea which cost less than RM10 after GST, it will only be a handful.


So far, this is the only place in Penang that I encountered which served great value breakfast which was less than RM10 per set. This place is no other than D’ Fat Mona Lisa Cafe.


It is not hard to locate this restaurant. If you are driving from Jalan Masjid Negeri from town area, you will see McDonald’s on your left. As soon as you see McDonald’s, turn into that road which is Jalan Free School. Keep driving for about 200 meters and you will see D’ Fat Mona Lisa Cafe on your left.



The cafe is a detached house which is located off the main road. It had been renovated to make into a cosy place for coffee and dining. One thing good about this place is because it is a detached house, they have ample parking space around this restaurant.


There are 2 dining areas. One is semi private, where you don’t mind to share the area with other people.


If you are going to have more guests, this is the room with long dining table which is able to cater for more people with more privacy.


Never in my life I would imagine Mona Lisa in bulking mode. Anyway, it really gave me a deep impression.


Coffee lovers, please check out the coffee list on the black board behind the barista counter.


While you are on the waiting, you can utilize the free WiFi.


Other than the WIFI access for the adults, kids just love to play with the table number stands as well.


Value Breakfast Set – RM6.90, all the value breakfast sets come with with coffee or tea. It starts daily from 7:00am – 11:00am and the free flow beverage is until 11am. The breakfast set menu comes with choices of:

  • Egg & toast
  • French Toast
  • Morning Delight
  • Nasi Lemak

Morning Delight – 2 sunny side up eggs, 2 pieces of lightly-toasted white bread, 2 sausages, tomato, lettuces and a serving of butter to accompany the dish.


This is a simple and complete breakfast, For this kind of breakfast with coffee, a lot of other cafes are already charging a minimum of RM10. Instead, D’ Fat Mona Lisa Cafe is only charging RM6.90 for it.


Chicken & veggie wrap, grilled chicken slices topped with ketchup and cheese sauce, and based with lettuce. The taste of the grilled chicken was juicy and flavourful. It blended very well with the cheese sauce and ketchup. If only the cheese sauce was substituted with real cheese it would be a perfect combination.


For people who are health concious like myself, this is the selection that you can consider (minus the sauce). Low in calories and a complete diet.


For those who want to take a picture and make fun or hashtag your friends, the comparison of fat and normal Mona Lisa is available at the entrance of the cafe.


Overall, this place serves affordable and complete set of breakfast. There is an abundance of parking lots available surrounding the cafe. I really hope the price of the breakfast will maintain for some time as this is the place that I will be keep going back for.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: Breakfast: 7am – 11am, Tue – Thur: 7am – 11pm, Fri – Sun: 7:00am – 12am, Closed on Mondays
Contact: 04-281 9797
Address: 43, Free School Road, 11600 Penang
GPS: 5.402704, 100.3077

2 thoughts on “D’ Fat Mona Lisa Cafe, Jelutong – Reasonable and Delightful Breakfast”

  1. Sorry if I sent feedback at wrong site.
    Food QC not stable:
    Bread too hard and cold
    Hushbrown too oily and hard
    Otherwise it will be 100% nice breakfast
    I am your regular customer.

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