CSL DroidPad Launching Event, Gurney Plaza – Penang.

The launching of CSL Spice had been a great event for some 20 bloggers in Penang. I was one of the lucky ones who got invited to review this event. All the attendees stood a chance to walk away with a bag of CSL goodies and a lucky draw of DroidPad MI700 worth RM1,599.

The CSL launching  event was held at the new wing of Gurney Plaza. Although it was very crowded on that Saturday afternoon, coincidently, there was another launching event by Maxis on its iPhone 4 at the centre court of old wing, which had diverted some of the crowd.

The CSL launch for this round was on the Spice Mi700 DroidPad and Mi300 smart phone. Both are running on Android platform which has the second largest user market after iPhone.

All the bloggers were busy filling in the registration form for the event.

The counter which displayed the Spice Mi700 Droidpad and Mi300 phone.

During the midst of the event, the CSL Android mascot was seen walking around the CSL booth to entertain the visitors.

CSL Android was showing the victory sign during his walks.

The group photo of all the bloggers.

Zoom in to the bloggers on the left.

Zoom in to the bloggers on the right.

The grand prize showcase by CSL staff. So how to be the luck winner?

The winner of the Spice Mi700 DroidPad would have 2 dots of black eyes on the Android mascot on the brocher found in the goodie bag.

The lucky winner of the CSL DroidPad is no other than my wife 🙂 Therefore, I have the chance to use it as well.

Some of the attrractive features on the DroidPad:

Documents To Go
DroidPad is pre-installed with full version of Documents To Go. It allows you to read, create, edit, cut or paste word, excel, powerpoint and pdf files.
Google Search
DroidPad’s Android 2.2 Froyo platform comes with default Google Search, the most popular search engine.
GPS Navigation
Why pay to get a GPS device? With DroidPad, you will not get lost in Malaysia. It comes with MapKing GPS navigator that leads you to get anywhere that you want. It is definitely a good news for those that work on the road.
Push Mail
DroidPad Gmail function is a truly Push Mail solution. An icon will pop up when you received an incoming email.
WiFi / 3G Connectivity
DroidPad allows you to choose between WiFi or 3G connectivity at your preference.
Overall, DroidPad is a portable and useful tablet. It runs on Android 2.2 Froyo, the latest mobile open platform developed by Google. Compared to smartphone, the 7-inch capacitive touch screen is easier to read and browse. The processor is faster compared to most smartphones in the market. In fact, it is much portable and accessible compared to mini laptop, where you do not need to wait for it to boot to access to your facebook or games. The only drawback is the touch screen is too sensitive and sometimes will over-scrolled or clicked on unwanted pages and links.



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