CS Euro Auto Sdn. Bhd. – The Launching of Peugeot Club Malaysia

Recently Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang (PCMPG) was officially launched by CS EURO AUTO SDN. BHD., the first Peugeot 3S centre in northern region of Malaysia. This center is also know as Blue Box Butterworth.


For the fans of Peugeot, you might had been aware of an online community known as Peugeot Club Malaysia. This club had been established since year 2000. However, PCMPG is a newly setup group that sponsored by CS EURO AUTO that bring together Peugeot fans from Northan region of Malaysia.


The luxurious and executive blue box is the gathering place for the PCMPG, the members will be invited to this place for events and nice food.


The logo and the symbol of elegant and prestige. For those that want to know more about PCMPG and follow the latest progress of their events, you can always visit the facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/175704942599310/?fref=ts. However, this is a close group. In order to join the group you need to get invited.


For those that interested to become a members of PCMPG, you can always request for the test drive for any models of Peugeot below. When you own the car, you will automatically become the member of PCMPG


For more information, please visit or call CS Euro Auto Sdn. Bhd. at the following location:

7290-7294, Jalan Bagan Jermal,
Taman Bayu,
12300 Butterworth,
Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: 04-3324 001, 04-3322 001, 04-3327 001
Fax: 04-3242 001
GPS: 5.4331,100.3792

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