Compilation Of Funny Pictures During My Visit

This is the compilation of funny pictures that I took with my O2 Mini during my work and visit to customers site these days. There are funny and cheerful lifestyle in urban and even rural places.

Start with Rural area.

People here used to communicate with paper board, or writing on the foam board. Below is one of the Mee stall that announcing to people that they are having some event going on, therefore need to rest one day. For a proper food restaurant or franchises chain stall, they will have proper notice or print out stick out a few weeks before. However, at rural area, the stall owner just place a cardboard out the day before his rest day. Don’t know what will happened if the wind blow off his cardboard?

ATM machine is hiding behind a tree and check out the sigh board of AUTOBANK, I didn’t know there is an ATM here until I saw a pak cik taking a stack of cash counting and walking at the same time. 

After showing you the rural area, now let me show you some high-tech modern stuffs at urban area. Check out the sign below, is a toilet sign. This is actually “FOR HIM”, just imagine a girl that just came out to work from rural area and she just bought a working shoe (non-high hill) and it’s looks exactly the same from sign board and she got nature call that need to rush immidiately. What will happen when she is in there are no person and after done with her business suddenly all the guys finished with their football match and rushed in?

A leopard appeared in an urban area. She is sitting on top of the dumping cart and waiting for her pray. 

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