Classical Steamboat @ E.T. Steamboat, Rangoon Road

There are so many steamboat shops available in Penang in recent years. They grow like mushrooms after a heavy downpour. If we want to talk about the pioneer that started the trend in Penang, we have to refer to this low profile and marathon pioneer. The name of the restaurant is E.T. Steamboat.

This restaurant is located at Rangoon Road and it has been there for more than 2 decades. I still remember when I was a kid I used to drop by at the video game center “Super Ninja” just beside this restaurant and at that moment E.T Steamboat was already in business. Most of the regular customers here are old timers who have been here many times before.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start up your fire. In order to get the food to your mouth, you need to DIY cook your food first.

The first dish in the list Pork Liver – RM4.00 (Small), RM6.00 (Big). The look when raw is very scary but when dipped into the hot soup it will become very delicious. I wonder if Caucasians and Westerners know how to appreciate this kind of dishes?

Fresh Oyster – Depends on market price, they were very fresh and very delicious. If you are the one who loves to take it raw, you can do that as lime slices are served together. As for me, I prefer to dip it into the steamboat for a few seconds before eating it.

Bird’s Egg – RM4.00 (Small), RM6.00 (Big), this is not my cup of tea as it contains very high level of cholesterol and I don’t find it very attractive as well.

Pork Slices – RM4.00(Small), RM6.00(Big), The pork slices were quite fresh. However, no proper marination had been done to the meat before serving and this could have caused the meat to have a strong odour. Even after added in to the hot soup the smell of pork was still very strong.

Abalone Mushroom – RM4.00(Small), RM6.00(Big), if you can’t afford to buy abalone, try abalone mushroom. The texture is very similar to abalone.

Pork Intestines – RM4.00(Small), RM6.00(Big). This is also not my favorite. However, to some it is heavenly food.

Fish Balls – RM4.00(Small), RM6.00(Big), the usual OEM type of fish balls which are available in the market.

Meat Balls – RM4.00(Small), RM6.00(Big), another OEM meat balls as well.

Fresh Prawns – RM8.00(Small), RM12.00(Big), the prawn were very fresh and sweet.

Fish Slices – RM8.00(Small), RM12.00(Big), fresh fish slices is one of my favorite.

Bean Curd – RM1.00(Small), RM2.00(Big), after all the meat and seafood. Bean curd is one of the veggie which can calm down your desire for rich food.

Shrimp Dumplings – RM4.00(Small), RM6.00(Big), this dish is quite nice as I never thought it would be so good.

DIY style steamboat. You can control the fire and how cooked you want your dishes to be.

As for some dishes like pork liver, a short dip in the soup will do for me.

The yummy oyster is waiting for you.

Overall, the taste of the pork is very strong in the soup. The owner should find a way to clear it. The parking at this place is also one of the drawbacks. The price of the dishes here are quite reasonable and also the service is up to par. For pork lovers, you must visit this place.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 2:30pm; 6:00pm – 11:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-226 6025
Address:4, Rangoon Road, 10400 Penang.

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  1. ya Prue, is according to the items that you order. Anyway, most of the price are fixed unless the one that according to market price like fish and big prawn.

  2. yeah i recall 2-3yrs ago i when there to eat chu char for dinner with in-laws. overall it was nice too but 2-3yrs ago already lah…

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