Chick Peas Stall, Penang Hill – The Special Masala Chick Peas

Chick Peas or better known as Kacang Kuda in Malay, is a common food in Malaysia. Chick Peas are usually steamed. The same goes for the peanuts.

During those days, Chick Peas and Peanut sellers would push their cart to the usual spot to sell their chick peas and peanuts. They only had chick peas and peanuts, nothing else. The most is maybe some additional snacks.

Fast forward to this day, there is a stall on top of Penang Hill which is selling something unique. The name of the snack is called “Chick Peas Special Masala”. This stall can be located at the entrance of Penang Hill Food Court.

This stall is known as “Penang Hill Kacang Pot” and has been here since 1960, started by Mr. Sakthivel’s grandpa. This stall has been passing down from generation to generation, until today it is still selling their unique recipe.

Mr. Sakthivel operates the stall everyday except on Tuesdays. However, the opening hours varies from 9am to 11am and will close once the peas and peanuts are sold out.

What makes the chick peas and peanuts different at this stall is they have been mixed with muruku, onions, cucumbers and homemade masala sauce. The taste of the masala sauce was packed with aromatic spices, and with the addition of lime it made it so appetizing. The crunchiness of the muruku blended well with the soft texture of chick peas. This is simply an awesome snack to be taken at Penang Hill.

Overall, the taste of the Masala Chick Peas is so unique. There are not many places in Penang that we can get such snack. The price for this is RM5 (Chick Peas Special Masala).

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Food Presentation

Operation hours: 9:00am to 11:am(not certain) – 5:00pm (where the peas and peanuts sold out)
Contact: –
Address: The side stall of Cliff Cafe of Penang Hill, Pulau Pinang
GPS: 5.424444,100.2666652

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