Budget Travel to Langkawi – The Nature Tour

Sometimes, when we get a day off, we would want to venture to some places and make the day more interesting. And with a budget of RM300 to spend and not looking for over night, the trip below will be the most suitable for people who want to relax and at the same time enjoy the nature tour.

This time we headed to Langkawi island in Kedah. The trip departed from Penang Swettenham Pier port. The ride took almost 3 hours. It is always a good idea to prepare yourself with some arcade games or smart phone during the journey.

The first destination upon arriving was lunch at Charlie’s place just beside the yacht club.

There are many yachts surrounding this port. As you can see from the picture below the feeling is like the yacht club in a foreign country.

There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas. For those that prefer privacy, you can request for the seats above the restaurant for a better seaview and it is also air-conditioned.

The open dining area by the seaside allows diners to get a feel of the sea breeze and listen to the smooth water wave sound.

Fish & Chips – RM28, battered tempura fish fillet served with tartar sauce, coleslaw and french fries. The taste of the fish with crunchy tempura was very delicious. However the taste of the tartar sauce which was mixed with olive slices made the the seasoning bitter and sour, which is not my cup of tea.

Yacht Club Fried Rice – RM20, prawn paste and chili fried rice with seafood and egg, served with satay and salad. The taste of this dish was averagely good and all of the ingredients were standard and acceptable.

Beef Burger – RM25, grilled beef patty with cheddar cheese, fried egg and caramalized onion served with coleslaw and french fries. For those who love beef, this is a must try.

Cappuccino – RM7, both the outlook and taste were impressive. It is a great drink for coffee lovers.

Fruit Juice – RM8, the usual fruit juices are available here.

Overall, the food here is acceptable. The drawback of this place is the price of the food here is at the high side.

Our second destination was supposed to be a cable car trip but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance. If it is closed, the package provides another option which will be the Underwater World of Langkawi.

Upon arriving at the main gate of the underwater world, I was greeted by the gecko couple which were having fun inside their display glass.

Besides the lovely geckos, there were some elegant flamingoes bathing along the side walk.

The penguin was also looking at to the “sky” for some relief.

The happy sting ray swimming along with other fish.

The fierce-looking sharks swimming in swamps waiting to attack.

The below is the largest fish in the huge tank. The size is much bigger than human.

The beautiful and vibrant jelly fish.

After the trip to underwater world, the next destination was to the Langkawi Geopark.

To access to the geopark, we needed to take a boat ride. These are the boats available to visit the destination.

The boat will bring us to the bats cave. The through route to this place will be a very narrow tunnel.

The bats were all at sleep at the visitation moment. Caution, do not touch the stairs handle while walking. The reason being is that there will be a lot of bat droppings that will cause disease once touched.

After the bat cave, the next location was to the fish farm. The ride is also by boat. Throughout the journey, there were a lot of yachts by the sea side. Most of them were ferrying foreigners.

At the fish farm platform, we were shown a few amazing fish. One of them knows how to split water on the food when they see one.

Near to the fish farm there is also a place to watch eagle feeding. The food will be given to the eagles when they fly down for their feed.

There are many eagles surrounding this place for food. It very depends on luck, sometime there are bunch of eagles while sometime only a few are around.

If your luck is even better, sometimes you will spot the “Mermaids and Neptunes” instead of the eagles.

The last stop will be the Eagle Square.

At this place, you will see the impressive legendary eagle statue placed by the sea side.

After that, the jetty point will be the place to bring us home.

Overall, the trip is very fruitful. It is very suitable for people who love nature and only manage to get a day off from their busy schedule. However, the trip is a little too tiring as the arrangement is too packed. The pricing and itinerary of the tour is as below:

Langkawi Nature Tour Package Price:
Adult: RM 350.00 (12yrs above)
Child: RM 250.00 (3yrs – 12yrs)
Infant: RM 50.00 (below 3yrs/ no food)
0715 – 0755 Hotel pick‐up from scheduled pick‐up points. <a fixed schedule>
0730 – 0800 Check‐in at Swettenham Pier, Penang.
0815 Depart for Langkawi by ferry.
1115 Langkawi Nature Tour on van sharing basis.< entrance fees included>
• Eagle Square.
• Eagle Watching, Mangrove Jungle & Cave Adventures.
• Langkawi Cable Car. <visit underwater world if cable car is closed>
• Set lunch on table sharing basis.<a fixed menu>
• Set snack on take away basis.<a fixed menu>
1700 Check‐in at Kuah Jetty, Langkawi.
1715 Depart for Penang by ferry.
2015 Arrive at Swettenham Pier, Penang & return pick‐up to hotel.
For more info about the Green Tour,  kindly visit Penang CC’s website.

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  1. if i fly by airsia to langkawi, i need 1 room for 2 people (1 adult and 1 children) and a tour package at langkawi. how much is the cost for 3 days 2 night?

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