Authentic Thai Food @ Khuntai, Permatang Tengah

“Sawadeecup”, this is the few Thai language that I know how to speak. Although, I am not the expert for Thai language but for Thai food, I have more than sufficient knowledge to tell what is good and what is not. I had been told by friends that this is a great place to try out Thai food, however I haven’t been here until a recent family outing. The place is not too hard to be located as it is a stone’s throw from BORR (Butterworth Outer Ring Road.)

If you are going from Penang bridge to this place via North South Expressway, follow the way to Permatang Pauh, do not exit at Permatang Pauh. Use the next exit after Permatang Pauh which is to Bagan Ajam and Sungai Dua. Once out keep to you left which is on Butterworth Outter Ring Road. After the second flyover keep left and make a U-turn to Jalan Raja Uda. Move forward for another 50 meters and you will see Khuntai Restaurant on your right hand side. For the GPS location, please refer to the end of this post.

By the way, the car park here is free. As you can see, not only the food here is authentic, the ambience is also in a very classical and traditional Thai mood. It gives you the “return to nature” feeling.

There are many small huts made of dried leaves and canes surrounding the main building. For those who want to have an easy access and faster service, you can always choose to dine at the main building.

Otherwise, it would be great to enjoy a private and peaceful meal at the small huts.

Starting the meal off with a glass of cool and refreshing fresh orange juice.

For more Thai-flavour, Thai fresh coconut juice is available too.

For those that prefer more exciting and awakening drink, umbra fruit juice is the preferred choice.

“Steamed Fish with Thai Style”. The fish was served together with another bowl of sauce. You can pour in the additional sauce on top of the fish to make it more juicy and fresh. Another reason of adding the sauce is to have a better aroma from the fish.

This garoupa fish is one of the few items listed as pricing according to market price. Other than that, most of the items listed on the menu have a fixed price and you know you will not be cheated easily. As for the fish, the meat was fresh and the combination of the sour sauce with the juicy fish meat was very appetizing.

Next, Fried Bitter Bean with Shrimp. Small – RM12, Large – RM18.

The taste of the curry was sour, rich and a bit of sweetness. It was indeed a very delicious dish. However, for those who are not used to the smell of bitter bean, this would be a great challenge to them.

Deep Fried Seaweed, Small – RM6; Large – RM8. The texture was very chrunchy and the taste was perfect when dipped with the sweet and sour chilli sauce.

Deep Fried Prawn Ball, Small – RM12; Big – RM20. The prawns had been chopped into cube-size and mixed with flour, water chestnut and also some other ingredients. The sweetness taste from the prawns and also the crunchy feeling from the water cheastnut made a great combination. This is a great dish to have.

Deep Fried Mantis Prawn with Duck Egg (market price). The mantis prawns were marinated with some sauce together with the duck egg. The taste was slightly too rich and overwhelming for me. For high cholesterol people, do not over consume this dish.

Fried Mix Vaggetable – RM6, was tasty and is very suitable for family with kids.

Fried Kai Lan – RM6, same as the fried mixed veggie.

Fried Kang Kung – RM6, another authentic dish that must be ordered. The smell of the shrimp paste was very strong which I love it. Again for those who are not used to the smell of shrimp paste, this might slice down your appetite.

Overall, the price for all the dishes above with 12 pax cost RM154.20. Very resonable for such amount of people and food. However, there are some of my friends complained that the price has increased alot, which is very contradictive. As for the taste, it can be said to be on par with any good Thai restaurant in Thailand.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:00am – 12:00midnight (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-332 7523
Address:104, Permatang Tengah, 13000 Butterworth, Penang.
Coordinates: 5°26’41″N 100°23’14″E

12 thoughts on “Authentic Thai Food @ Khuntai, Permatang Tengah”

  1. I LOVE Thai Food!!! Didnt order tomyam? There’s one Thai restaurant called Khuntai Restaurant near Jalan Gasing, PJ famous for their Kapal tofu. And the tomyam is fantastic! Price is reasonable as well. You may wanna try when u drop by KL. =)

  2. Dothan, oh my… I didn’t know it is a pork free restaurant. Thanks for reminding.
    Janice, I wanted to try out the tomyam there but my nieces and nephew are not good in taking spicy food else I will need to finish up whole bowl.

  3. i have been there many times. its a very nice place. environment look like sitting somewhere in the village with small huts and surrounding with the trees.from my personal of view, this is the best thai food in penang considering of their taste of the food, prices, services & car park. one thing that spoil me is, its far for those staying in island..huhu..
    for weekend, u need to go early or else u need to wait especially during peak hour (dinner time)

  4. Hi,

    Is this restaurant is halal?

    Pork free does n0t means it is halal, cause in Islam halal is cover everthing.

    I am interested to try , but in doubt.


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