Aroy Chang Moo Kata, Pulau Tikus – Unique Thai BBQ Steamboat

As per mentioned in my previous post, there are many Thai Restaurants pop out in Pulau Tikus lately. Therefore, Pulau Tikus has become a “little Thailand” now.

No doubt, there are many Thai Restaurants which started their business in Pulau Tikus. Nevertheless, there is this restaurant that needs to be visited for almost every occasion. This restaurant is Aroy Chang Moo Kata.

The reason I’m saying that this place is catering for all occasion is because Penangites simply love steamboat, be it birthday parties, farewells or usual luncheon and dinners.

Although Aroy Chang Moo Kata is one of the many Steamboat Restaurants in Penang, the distinctive difference here is the steamboat is prepared in Thai style with charcoal.

Moo Kata Set 2 ~ 3 pax – RM30; 4 – 6 pax – RM60, this is main attraction and is also my favorite, Moo Kata Thai-style barbecue steamboat.

For the set of 2 ~ 3, you will get below items.

  • Vege basket
  • Mix Seafood Platter
  • Fishballs & meatballs platter
  • Assorted pork
  • Assortad chicken
  • Bacon

For the set of 4 ~ 6, you will get additional below items too.

  • Japanese Tofu
  • Egg
  • Emperor Meatball

To kick off the Thai BBQ Steamboat, the pork lards were placed on top of the BBQ Charcoal Grill so that it melted and flowed down to the edge of the bbq pan which contained soup.

All the items that can be barbecued will be placed on top of the dome-shaped grill whereas items such as vegetables can be dipped into the edge of the pan which contained tasty broth. Compared to other Thai Style Barbecue Steamboat, the broth did not contain MSG and was naturally sweet. This is due to the broth was cooked with veggie, chicken stock and some rock sugar.

If you look at the bottom of the pan, you will see charcoal burning.

Lemongrass Juice – RM1.50, the lemongrass juice was also very unique. It contained the strong and aromatic flavour of lemongrass,  with a slight of sourness and sweetness. If you had tasted this drink elsewhere, it only contained bitterness and sourness.

Somtam, Young Papaya Salad – RM 8, the dish was made of slices of papaya, tomato slices, raw long bean, chilies and roasted peanuts and blended with lime juice and a touch of fish sauce. Usually a Thai appetizer comes in 3S, which is sweet, sour and spicy. Somtam is one of the appetizing yet exciting ways to start off your meal.

Pad Phet – RM35 ~ 45, the sea bass was firstly deep fried and covered with spicy gravy. It was garnished with Thai Basil leaves, chili and also spring onions. The level of spiciness was very high, hence it is advisable to be taken with rice.

Tom Yam Nam Sai – RM 15 ~ 25, Clear Seafood Tom Yam With Fresh Prawns, Squids and Fish. The soup was covered with slices of tomato, sping onions and coriander.

Again the spiciness and sourness of this clear soup was towards the extreme level. If you are a spicy lover, please don’t miss this.

Cha Om Omelette,  the egg was beaten with cha om veggie and fried. It served well with Thai chili sauce. The taste of this cha om and fried egg was very nice while the texture was crispy.

Tamarind Prawns in Basil – RM 3.50/ pcs, minimum order of 6 pieces. The prawn were covered with a thin layer of batter and deep fried with Thai Basil leaves. They were then covered with tamarind sauce. The sauce was sourish and contained a slight of sweetness.

To me, this was an average dish and nothing much unique about it.

Larbmoo – RM12, fried minced pork with rice flakes. These 2 ingredients were fried together with chili oil, onions and bird eye chilis. The taste is again extremely spicy and hot as well.

Khoon Ob Woon Sen – RM15, the glass noodle was cooked in a pot and placed with prawns and coriander. The glass noodle had absorbed all the sauces and it was very delicious. This was one of the few dishes that was not spicy.

Thap Thim Krawp – RM2.50, slices of jack fruits mixed with water chestnut and added with red rose syrup and coconut milk. It was a delightful sweet ending.

Overall, the most attractive dish here is the Moo Kata Set. I will come back to this place for this. Most of the food here are reasonably priced and the service is very good. There are plentiful of parking spaces available by the road side provided that it is not the seasonal period of the temple celebration.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 2:30pm; 6:00pm – 11:00pm (Close on Monday)
Contact: 010-379 9852 (Jerry Lim)
Address:22, Burma Lane, 10250 Georgetown, Penang
GPS: 5° 43′ 26.67″ N, 100° 31′ 48.18″ E

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  2. Went there today. Mookata 4-5 ppl set, $88 + 1
    Mango salad + 6 drinks + 2 types of noodles + 2 deserts . Total bill $131 and was given $15 discount coupon for next dinning . Service was really good. The price has increased a lot, compared to your last visit.

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