Another Hidden Treasure – Cheap, Nice Seafood @ Yong Xing Restaurant Sungai Puyu, Penang

If  Tree Shade – Weld Quay, Penang is classified as the cheapest “chu char” stall in Penang Island, then I would say Yong Xing would be the cheapest in Penang mainland. The price is very cheap and the taste of the food suits public.

Often this type of hidden treasure does not come with a proper address. Even the owner of the stall does no’t have the address of this restaurant. The only way to get there is with direction. If you are using the North-South Highway, look for Exit 164 to Permatang Pauh, once you turn left into that exit, drive further until you see United Malayan Flour Mills & Quaker Oats factory on your right hand side. Turn right at this junction, move further you will come to the traffic junction which shows the signboard to Sungai Puyu, you are at the right direction. Go straight and watch out on your left hand side and you will see Restoran Yong Xing in green-coloured signboard, that is the restaurant which is serving nice seafood at low price.

This place was introduced to me by one of my staffs. I ordered deep-fried fish, fried mantis prawn in curry paste, veggie, deep-fried lemon chicken and salted vegetable soup. I expected the bill to be RM50-60 for 4 people. To my astonishment, the price is much lower than my expectation. Keep reading below to find out the details and pricing.

Salted Veggie and Bean Curd Soup (RM3)– The soup not only comes with salted veggie and bean curd but also with dozens of fish balls and meat. The taste is just average, not salty and sour enough. I believe it is instantly cooked as per order. But you can’t expect too much with this price. On my next trip I will probably ask them to make the soup more sour and salty.

Next, Fried Kai Lan Veggie with Sauce (RM5). The kai lan veggie is fresh and so are the prawns. The sauce has the ingredients of Chinese table wine and oyster sauce. Any dish added with Chinese wine will produce a nice aromatic flavour.

Black Promphet Fish deep-fried in 3 tastes (RM11). The black promphet fish is deep fried and the sauce is cooked separately with Bird’s Eye Chili which adds extra excitement to enjoy this dish.

Deep-fried Lemon Chicken (RM6). This is a common dish in every Chinese restaurant. 

Mantis Prawn with Curry Powder (RM8). This is my favourite dish of all. Fresh mantis prawns are fried in curry powder, onions and curry leaves. It is exotic is specially made for the mantis prawn lovers.

For all the dishes above including 5 bowls of rice, the total bill was only RM36.20. This is very resonable. My advice on visiting this place is to be as early as possible as it will get very crowded later.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation


Name: Yong Xing Restaurant (Ah Hooi Seafood Stall)
Opening Hours: 7.30pm – 11.30pm (Closed Monday)
Address:Yong Xing Restaurant, a few shops after the traffic light to Sungai Puyu.
Contact: 017-5991799 (Ah Hooi)

14 thoughts on “Another Hidden Treasure – Cheap, Nice Seafood @ Yong Xing Restaurant Sungai Puyu, Penang”

  1. pigpigscorner, the mantis prawns not just looks nice but taste good too.

    Little inbox, heard about that. Haven’t try out yet. Wanna find one day to drop by for taste out.

    Criz, I haven’t ask them to prepare special dish yet. May be we go one more round and ask them for special arrangement 🙂

    Cariso, like that have to go and try out liao. We ask ah Criz together for rombongan there lah.

  2. sungai puyu?! that’s so far! i’m just afraid i lose my way back to the island! but i could say the price is cheap! wait. is it cheaper than batu kawan?!

  3. Really good food and I am impressed by the price for the fish…that’s the ‘Say-it-all’ that it’s really value for money!!

    Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. very nice, thanks for your e-mail for the update. Just came back from Vancover, Seattle, and Portland. What a mouth watering dishes, too bad for me, not going to Malaysia this year. Will have a family reunion at Hockkien, China next year. My brother from Penang, sister from Seremban they will meet me there. Hopefully we will travel back to Malaysia with one of me brother from Hockkien. Well, hope to see you in Penang. Steven, good job. Thanks again.

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