AirAsia Bloggers Community (#AABC Takeover Penang) with Quick Tour of Georgetown

It is an honour to be selected as one of the bloggers for AirAsia Bloggers Community (AABC). As a member of the bloggers community, the duty is to explore and to promote that particular place or sometimes to create awareness about certain process or knowledge of certain products.



This round, in conjunction with Penang Global Tourism (PGT), AABC is having an “invasion” to a city, and it happened to be in my hometown – Georgetown, Penang. Penang is one the 13 states in Malaysia. It is located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca. The island of Penang is also known as Pearl of Eastern and has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status as the city center is famous with heritage buildings. When you talk to Penangites about food, it would be an endless topic as Penang has so much to offer.

Each AABC team had several tasks to be completed in a given time. Only one winning team will be declared as the winner and prizes would be given to the entire team.

If you are having a short time and yet you are planing to visit some of the famous places in Penang, you can always follow the guide below:

Places of Attraction in Penang:


P – Fort Cornwallis
E – Penang Town Hall
N – Clock Tower
A – Masjid Kapitan Keling
N – Little India
G – Buddhist Goddess of Mercy Temple

The signature of Penang, KOMTAR Tower is also the landmark that not to be missed out. The iconic building had undergone a recent face-lift.


Not only AABC was invading Penang, the recent invasion also included Transformers. Both Optimus Prime and Bumblebee have landed on the field of Penang Esplanade, which is just next to Fort Cornwallis.



Besides the latest Transformers invasion, you can also check out the famous mural wall art in various parts of Georgetown. For more details of the arts location, please click here.


Penang won the Champion title at the National Float Competition on 22nd June 2014, entitled ‘Magic Of The Night’, organised by Tourism Malaysia.


Therefore, it is worth to have a close-up view of this beautiful float. However, it is best viewed at night. For the location of the float, please click here.


Besides the attractions in Penang, this island is also packed with delicious food. For this round, we hunt for HALAL or Pork-Free food. Below are some good options:

Nice HALAL and Pork-Free Food in Penang:

Mee Sotong at Esplanade, one of the famous and delicious Penang food and also one of my favorites, check this out if you are a spicy and squid lover. Click here for the location.


Looking for some nice fried Indian kuih, the Little India has it all. One of the best will be the stall shown below, click here for the location.


70’s Ice Ball at Armenian Street, click here for the location. It was one of the favourite snacks in the olden days. The kids back in the olden days will know about this snack. Unfortunately, this has become an extinct snack and could only be found here.


Everyone of us seemed to be enjoying this childhood delight.


The Armenian Street is one of the busiest streets in Georgetown during weekend. A place that every tourist should not miss.


Another great dessert for chilling and cooling will be the Oh Kio or also known as Ai Yu Jelly. Although this dessert is not originated from Penang, yet it is one of the best in town. Click here for the location.


For those that looking for a concept cafe for coffee, Mugshot Cafe is one of the many cafes that you can visit. Their signature dishes here include homemade bagels, homemade yoghurt and coffee. Another thing that you must do is to get your mugshot snapped! Click here for the location.


Although my team did not win the prize for the discovery of Penang contest, I am lucky to have won the lucky draw for the flight to Kota Kinabalu by Air Asia. I enjoyed this event very much as it made me understand more about my hometown. Thank you Air Asia and PTG for organizing this event.


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