1OTT Social TV Box – The Entertainment Box for Family

These few years I have been trying out a lot of IP TV Boxes. One of it was developed by China was very good to use. There were tons of channel at the beginning. However, after a while they started to block some popular channels due to China Broadcasting Rules that prohibits it from broadcasting to the rest of the world, except in China. Due to this reason the box has been lying at the corner with dust.

Another type of IP TV is by tapping into the Astro satellite dish with the help of high-speed internet. You can watch full Astro channels with just a minimum yearly subscription fee. However, it always faces connectivity issue to Astro due to legalization issue. Again, this is another useless IP TV box.

Due to all the inconveniences and legal issues, I have given up to search for a better option of IP TV Box. However, my passion towards IP TV Box has been restored again after I found another great IP TV Box, which is the 1OTT Social TV.


This IP TV Box is different from those in the market. The usual IP TV Boxes that we see are Android based. However, this box is running on Linux instead, in which the interface can be centralized instead of having different layouts for different third-party applications. Another great thing about this box is it utilizes the CloudMedia as the base for connection. Cloud Media Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2012 as an entity consolidating the operations of Syabas Technology, bringing Popcorn Hour, Popbox and FreeOTT under one roof. Reputable company pioneering in the connected entertainment market with more than 10 years’ experience in multimedia. While their ongoing R&D and aftersales technical & content support.


Vidcrowd Media Sdn. Bhd is the sole distributor for 1OTT products in Malaysia and marketing arm for ASEAN countries. VidCrowd is always interested in expanding our international reseller network. If you are interested in marketing 1OTT products or other range of media players in your country, please contact Leslie at leslie@vidcrowdmedia.com.

For those who are interested in 1OTT box, you can be look for Ban Hin Bee (BHB) Group, in which they are the authorized reseller. If you are looking for any BHB stores nearby you (except for Kitchentech branches) , you can always visit http://www.bhb.com.my/page/store-locator.aspx.

There are 2 types of 1OTT boxes in the market, which is the standard 1OTT Box and FreeOTT Box. 1OTT is retailing at RM479 (inclusive 6% GST) at all BHB Outlets. In addition to the overall warranty, a “90 days 1-for-1 exchange warranty” and a “free remote control upgrade to V8 back-lit and long range remote control worth RM30 (while stocks last)” are provided EXCLUSIVELY. Which FreeOTT is WIFI access based box which for the sole purpose of their personal demonstration and usage. The unit STRICTLY acts as a premium giveaway by Vidcrowd Media Sdn. Bhd. and is not available for sale.


Besides using the physical remote, you can also use the virtual remote by downloading it from Android Play Store or iPhone App Store at the below URL:


1OTT has varieties of movie such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English Drama. Besides these usual movies and dramas, there are also some unusual types of movie such as Bollywood and Indonesian movies.


This is one of the greatest things about 1OTT box compared to its Chinese competitors as you not only get to watch selected Chinese Movies and English Movies, but also other genres such as Bollywood and Indonesian Movies which caters for our multiracial country.


Another thing I love about this box is, there are varieties of English Dramas and most of them are up-to-date. One of my all time favourites is Supernatural. I have been watching this series since Season 1. Now it is already in Season 11 and it has been going on for years. Usually I have to wait until the whole series to complete before I could download it from the Internet. However, with 1OTT I can watch the latest episode the next day after the US release!


Another plus point to this box is, even with just 2MB of internet bandwidth, there is no lagging at all.


For those interested on the 1OTT box, please visit BHB branches or Sincere Zone for a test drive. If you purchased from BHB, remember to quote SG8011 for free high quality HDMI cable. Hurry, promotion ends 31 December 2015!!1OTT-SG8011

Disclaimer: The reviewer or any other related business entity or website (hereinafter “Company”) associated with the manufacturing and/or distribution of the 1OTT product (hereinafter “Product”) is not responsible for any miscommunication that may occur regarding channel and content listings and availability. You agree to understand that the channels and content are provided via 3rd party app developers (hereinafter “external apps”) and is streamed over the internet via these external apps. You agree to understand that the Product is merely a device that allows you to connect through your own internet provider and stream any content that is available via these external apps that are available through the Product.

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