10 Minutes Quick Cook Recipe, Nutritious Borscht Soup

It is always too hectic and troublesome for a working couple to cook a healthy and nutritious meal. I know that as I am from the working class which I would also need to allocate some of my time for workout. Hence there won’t be much time for me to prepare a good and healthy meal. Therefore, for those looking for a quick preparation and also some nutritious food, other than plain ol’ salad you may want to try this recipe on how to cook borscht soup as an alternative.

Main Ingredients for Borscht Soup (portion of 3 – 4 bowls):

  1. Carrot – 1 -2 sticks, cut into cubes or chunks
  2. Mushrooms – 8 – 10 pieces, can be portobello or oyster mushrooms
  3. Fresh sweet corn kernels – 1 stick
  4. Tomatoes – 2 whole pieces
  5. Cabbage – 1/4
  6. Celery – 1 – 2 sticks
  7. Tomato sauce – 1/4 cup or 8 oz serving
  8. Butter – 2 tables spoon (can be replace by olive oil for a healthier option)
  9. Garlic – 2 cloves, finely-chopped
  10. Chicken broth – 1 bowl (can be replaced by vegetable broth for a healthier option)
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar – 3 table spoons (can be replaced with freshly squeezed lemon juice for a healthier option)
  12. Mixed herbs, sugar, salt and pepper – a pinch of each as seasoning




All the above ingredients can be easily purchased at any supermarkets.


If you are on a vegetarian diet, you may replace chicken broth with with vegetable broth.



Cut and wash the all the ingredients (1-7) and place in a container. Soak all the vegetables in water for about 3 minutes to wash off all the pesticides/insecticides. Make sure not to soak too long as it will drain off the nutrition.


First, heat up the cooking pot and insert butter and chopped garlic. Make sure the garlic is fried till light golden brown.


Pour in tomato sauce.


Stir the tomato sauce with the garlic well.


Next, add in the chicken broth.


Mix and stir well the broth and tomato sauce.


Once you can see the soup started to boil, add in all the vegetables.


Add in apple cider vinegar and seasoning (11, 12) on the final step.


Let it simmer for 10 minutes and your soup is ready to serve. If the taste is not up to your satisfaction, repeat steps 11 & 12. The apple cider vinegar is to add sourness in the soup.


A healthy and nutritious meal for those with busy lifestyle is done.


If you required additional carbs in the soup, you can always add in some pasta of your choice.




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