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Plan B, Ipoh Old Town – The Combination of Nostalgic and Modern

If the initial plan is not going to work, what will be the alternative? When there is desperate time, it’s the call for desperate measurement. This is when Plan B kicks in. In order to go to Plan B, it is not difficult. First of all, you need to drive to Kinta of Ipoh. Once […]

Sentosa Villa, Taiping – Perfect Place for Breakaway from City Life

The breeze of cooling air, the essence of flower fragrance, the chirping of birds in the morning and the sound of river stream flowing. How long have you not heard and felt these peaceful Mother Nature? Is your routine always a cluster, hassle and bustle that make you always fall sick? But then when you […]

Wah Cheong Stall (华昌鸭饭), Peace Hotel, Taiping – Special Sesame Cha Siew

For those who read about my post on Zi Zai Restaurant, I was mentioning about a secluded hotel called “Peace Hotel” in Chow Yun Fat movie. This time, for real the name of the restaurant is called Peace Hotel and is it located in a peaceful town of Taiping. Peace Hotel is located in the town of Taiping […]

Tua Pek Kong Temple (品仙祠大伯公和观音堂) – Pasir Panjang Sitiawan, Perak

Looking for local tour and yet tired of those usual destinations that had been to? Check out this place where it is out of town and yet a place for relaxation for pilgrims or Taoist devotees. One of the famous and always been a place to visit in my local tourist list is the Tua […]

Rare Hock Chew Dishes, Gong Pian @ Cheong Cia, Sitiawan

As a Penangite, there are a lot of wonderful and delicious dishes available in Penang. On the other hand, there are many dishes which are still not available in our town as well. This is especially so for  Hock Chew dishes and Hakka dishes. Below post is my trip to Lumut and Sitiawan. This post […]

One of The Best Dim Sum @ Foh San, Ipoh Perak

Talking about the best dim sum in Malaysia, Foh San Restaurant (富山茶楼) usually is not excluded from the list. Well, I know this might trigger some controversial feedback. However, I have to admit that so far so many dim sum restaurants that I have tried out, Foh San is always at the top ranking list. Foh San […]

The Origin Of White Coffee – Ipoh Old Town

Usually we love to visit “Old Town” coffee shops and we like to order the so-called “white coffee” from the shops as they taste different from regular coffees. However, a lot of time the coffee from these places are 3-in-1 instant coffee instead of freshly brewed coffee. Anyway, the place that I am going to […]