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Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani – Perfect for Short Getaways

Cinta Sayang is a golf resort which offers facilities that meet the needs of everyone in the family. The perfectly landscaped golf course for serious or leisure or even beginners golfers, water theme park for both adults and children looking for exciting water coaster rides, horse riding or a dive into the hotel’s pools. If […]

Nicole Ann Bakery, Lunas – Home Bake Specialties

Homemade savouries are always the best. The hygiene can be assured while the additives and preservatives used are at minimum or non at all. Sometime if I have the chance I would choose to eat at home than having my meal outside. For those who love home-cooked and home-baked style, now you can have them without even […]

Kamunting Lake View Restaurant – Enjoying The Great View with Good Food

“Wah…. how to go to this place?” This is the question that will pop up when I told someone a place that  is rural yet serves good food and environment. Kulim is a place where a lot of good food around here are hidden. One of the places that serves good food and great view […]

Restaurant Tar Kuow, Padang Serai – Taste Like Grandma’s Cooking

It has always been my interest to search for exotic and uncovered places for food as those food are more delectable and reasonable in pricing. However the drawback of getting such place is difficulty in giving direction as most of them are not located along the main road or near to any attraction points. The place […]

Fook Yen Curry Mee, Kulim – The Classical Creamy Curry Mee

If I told you that the curry mee we are having at this moment is not the authentic one, will you believe me? The authentic curry mee from the earlier days was creamy and milky type. Unfortunately, it is sad to say that this traditional and authentic delicacy has lost its traits in Penang. One […]

Ho Town, Kulim @ Delicious Chai Kuih In Town

Latest Update: This place is closed down already and now runned by Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar I still remember the last trip when I visited Kulim, my customer brought me to a place with a similar name as Old Town. When he told me that “We have Ho Town in Kulim now”, I simply replied “I know” and […]

Pulau Payar, Langkawi Coral – Relaxing with Modeling

Lazing at the beach, drinking fresh coconut juice, enjoying the sea breeze, getting a good sun tan and watching girls passing by with bikini’s have always been a dream for me. This is what I am wishing for during my retirement time, nothing to worry about life and financial, dining without looking at the figure and so on. Well, this is my long term goal of life. […]