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E & O Hotel, Sarkies Corner – Jamuan Buka Puasa

Bulan Ramadhan is the holy month for all Muslims in the world. During this month the Muslims will fast for the whole month in order to purify and cleanse the body and soul. The fasting of the day will only end at dusk when the announcement is made and prayer is done. At this time […]

Khun De Thai, Jelutong – Spicy Authentic Thai Food

It has been sometime since I reviewed Thai food after the wave of Thai food review in Pulau Tikus back in May. Finally my crave for Thai food was fulfilled when I was invited to the review of a Thai Restaurant in Jelutong. Besides Pulau Tikus, there are not many Thai food in Jelutong area […]

BBQ Plaza, Gurney Plaza – The BBQ Steamboat for Family Treat

It has been a while seen BBQ plaza opened its doors in Penang. BBQ plaza is one of the places in town that you can have nice self-cooking Thai BBQ Buffet. The raw ingredients selected for this restaurant are of high quality meats and vegetables to meet the satisfaction of its customers. BBQ Plaza in […]

Malabar Restaurant – The Marriage of Thai and Nyonya Cuisine

There are too many restaurants claimed to be authentic Thai or even Nyonya in Penang. However, have you ever tried the marriage of Thai and Nyonya food? If this is something new to you, you will be thrilled to find out this place in the heart of the Georgetown. Going to this place you will need […]

Aroy Chang Moo Kata, Pulau Tikus – Unique Thai BBQ Steamboat

As per mentioned in my previous post, there are many Thai Restaurants pop out in Pulau Tikus lately. Therefore, Pulau Tikus has become a “little Thailand” now. No doubt, there are many Thai Restaurants which started their business in Pulau Tikus. Nevertheless, there is this restaurant that needs to be visited for almost every occasion. This […]

Wang Thai Restaurant, Burma Road – Delectable Thai Cuisine

Lately, there are a lot of Thai Restaurants popping up around Pulau Tikus. They are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Those notable ones are Aroi Thai Restaurant, Annathai-Kitchen, Sukhothai Beef Noodles House,  Aroy Chang Moo Kata and the latest one is Wang Thai Restaurant. It is not hard to locate Wang Thai Restaurant. If […]

Sukhothai Beef Noodles House, Burmah Road – Delicious Thai Beef Noodle

For those who had tried Vietnamese pho, you should know how good it tasted like. However, until now I have not found any place in Penang that serves good Vietnamese Pho. Although we couldn’t get to taste good pho in Penang, there is a relatively “close of its kind” in town area. The one which is […]